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Elevator and Escalator Drives

The compact and powerful KEB COMBIVERT F5 frequency controls/servo controllers provide maximum control over a variety of lifting machines for a smooth yet dynamic drive.

Flexible connection options allow for easy integration in virtually all elevator controls and quick start-up periods.

Special Features for Elevator Drives

  • Operator menu in user language: driving cycle can be adjusted with physical units (speed in ft.min or m/s)
  • Adjustable Elevator Parameters: 8 speeds, acceleration, deceleration, 5 different jerks.
  • Diverse target value selection: analog, binary coded, one from n coded, serially via BUS, triangular speed profile, position-controlled with position control
  • Training of system inertia: results in optimum subsequent behaviour and prevents overshoots and subharmonics with high dynamics of high-performance elevators.
  • Flexible serial communication with established industry standards: DIN66019, Profibus, CAN open, Ethernet...
  • Special input/output functions: e.g. for brakes-main contactor-control, delay controls, doors that open early
  • Simple training of motor data: for optimum driving behaviour and quick start-up
  • Flexible speed feedback: incremental (TTL, HTL), SinCos, UVW, EnDat, Hiperfafce, BISS, SSI, Resolver ...
  • Safety features: Sensor break detection, output phase monitoring, protection against: over/under voltage, overloads, over current, excessive temperature, excessive speed, PTC analysis...
  • Evacuation operation with USV (interruption-free power supply), detection of  "easy direction"
  • Operations without speed sensor for asynchronous machines using KEB SMM (sensorless motor management)
  • Direct entry: quick correction input for compensating errors

Special suitability of permanent magnet motors

KEB has 12 years of experience with gearless pm elevator machines of virtually all motor manufacturers worldwide.

  • Smooth yet dynamic control process allows for perfect driving behaviour with maximum energy savings.
  • Stationary Pole Identification (SPI): for training the rotor position (system position, angle Rho 0 ...) in brake position, no need for removing the ropes or balancing.
  • Special solutions for MRL elevators, such as emergency evacuation operations
  • Synthetic pre-torque: eliminates noticeable rollback upon opening of the brake - > so load weighing facilities are not required

R6 Regenerative Controls for "Green Elevators"

  • As substitute for brake resistance
  • Feedback of energy stored in load or counterload saves money and reduces the stress on the environment.
  • Also suitable for frequency inverters of other manufacturers
  • available as 230V, 400V and 460V solution  

Harmonic filters

Virtually sinoid-shaped power input: hence elimination of distortion performance, compliance with international standards such as IEEE519 or the European Elevator Directive EN 12015

Dual-circuit safety brakes

  • quiet
  • long-lasting,
  • hand release, micro switch, dust protection
    Spring-set brakes designed for elevator machines provide stability to the systems.

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