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Always innovative, KEB is at the forefront supplying components into the wind turbine industry. Whether you need drive solutions or brake solutions, KEB can offer the right solution for your application.

Drive Solutions

KEB sells over 150,000 industrial drives and controls annually. Through the years, KEB has built a reputation for supplying the best possible solution for specific applications. This philosophy has led to the development of a revolutionary pitch drive system and powerful yaw drive solution…

A pitch drive is used to adjust the rotor blades and regulate the power transmitted to the mechanical system. A more responsive pitch system allows the turbine to better react to constantly changing conditions. This puts less stress on the mechanical system and ultimately provides a better performing, longer-lasting wind turbine.

Here are a few examples why KEB’s pitch drive system is superior:

  • Small footprint – Innovative heatsink allows for smaller cabinet and cost savings.
  • Rugged design – Wide temperature ranges, special shock resistant features, ect.
  • Dynamic response – Latest control technology provides the best pitch response.
  • Powerful programming environment – Programmed in accordance to IEC 61131-3.
  • Flexible communication – RS232 serial(user defined), ModbusTCP, option cards: Profibus, CANopen supported
  • Integral RFI filter – Robust electrical system
  • Precise Position Control – Flexible feedback interfaces; Including absolute SSI
  • Single source – System components are optimized to operate together
  • Integrated safety features – e.g. switchover to encoderless operation in case of encoder loss.
  • Features as required – Braking resistor, fieldbus communications, 24VDC supply, battery monitoring, ect.

Brake Solutions

For decades, KEB has been the leader in supplying electro-mechanical spring-set brakes. Building on this success, KEB has developed robust and innovative solutions which the wind turbine application demands.

Here are a few examples why KEB’s pitch brake solutions are superior:

  • Low Maintenance – No bleeding of the lines or failed tubing/fittings commonly associated with hydraulic brakes.
  • Clean Solution – No potential fluid leaks. This makes KEB ideal for offshore applications.
  • Easily Assembled – Flexible mounting configurations as required.
  • “Fail-safe” Design – Redundant springs provide true power-off braking
  • Rugged IP65 Protection – Designed to withstand the harshest environments
  • Features as required – Service hand release, microswitch indicator, special power/control connectors, and many more…


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