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4G cellular technology now available in C6 Router from KEB America

Jonathan Bullick | February 26th, 2018

KEB America, Inc. announces the release of the latest version of the C6 Router, now with 4G cellular technology. The C6 Router M1 and M2 cellular versions – previously capable of using 2G/3G/3G+ – can now remotely connect using 4G GSM networks.

KEB C6 Router includes 4G cellular technology.


The cellular version of KEB’s C6 router contains EDGE/HSPA quad-band technology. The router has one SMAStecker plug for an auxiliary diversity antenna (also available from KEB America) and one push-push type mini socket for a SIM card. It can be used on any GSM network, in any country.


The C6 Router M1 and M2 cellular versions are reliable tools for secure, remote PLC maintenance and commissioning with data logging capabilities, especially in hard-to-reach locations. Logged data can be easily pushed to cloud-based services such as AWS and Microsoft Azure via MQTT communication. From there, machine builders and systems integrators can perform analytics, create dashboards, and measure critical KPIs, without making costly or potentially dangerous trips to an installation site.


All versions of the C6 Router are made of rugged, industrial materials with no fans or moving parts. They have a protection grade of IP20 and CE and cULus approvals.

The KEB C6 Router is now available. For more information, please contact KEB America at, or visit. KEB America can also be found on our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages.

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