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COMBIVIS security certification – Connect receives certification in latest release

Jonathan Bullick | April 17th, 2017

A question COMBIVIS Connect software, version 13.2, is independently certified by ProtectEM, an organization specializing in auditing security solutions in the industrial and process automation industry.


COMBIVIS Connect is KEB’s remote access software solution for PLCs and HMIs. Using the software to connect a remote or distributed installation allows the customer to save both time and money by monitoring equipment and performing maintenance without having to leave the office.


Security is a core feature of COMBIVIS Connect and the recent software enhancements. Thanks to the careful design and high-security standards of KEB hardware, software, and server infrastructure, COMBIVIS Connect has successfully passed the security audit in accordance with the standards set by ProtectEM. Key components of COMBIVIS such as Connect Access Servers, Control Center, Runtime, and the C6 Remote Access Router were individually tested and analyzed as part of the security audit. Each element has been certified in accordance with the IEC 62443-3 standard.


In addition to the security certification, the following new features are available:


  • Strong Password Requirements (IEC 62443-3): The domain administrator can enable strong password requirements. All passwords are required to meet complexity standards defined by IEC62443-3.
  • Update functionality of device runtimes: Auto-update of runtime software to remote devices.
  • Static IP VPN pool: LAN devices reachable by VPN can be defined by a range of IP addresses.
  • Multiple monitors: Simultaneous display of multiple screens with Combivis Connect Remote Desktop for C6 devices supporting multiple monitors.
  • Full-screen support: Full-screen mode for viewing the remote desktop.
  • Export connection log: Runtime logs of remote C6 devices consisting of all activities executed during the remote connections session can be exported to CSV.


The latest version of the software can be downloaded from Questions can be directed to or by phone at (952) 224-1400.

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