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Control & Automation for Wind Power Infographic

Admin | August 17th, 2021


With the rise of offshore wind energy, turbine designers seek scalable automation technologies to combat extreme conditions and maximize output power.


Did you know?

  • Wind turbines are getting larger to improve efficiency & reduce $/MW (
  • This shift to larger MW turbines makes wind power increasingly attractive in the U.S.
  • 80% of Americans live within 200 miles of the coast, making offshore wind an ideal power source for consumers (
  • States have established over 29,000 MW of offshore wind procurement targets to date (


A rising wind for renewable energy.

Larger turbines require larger drives—and other automation components suited for harsh elements and wide operating conditions. KEB offers robust automation and control solutions to support these demands:

P6 Pitch Drives combine the drive, backup charger, monitoring, and PLC into a single, all-in-one solution for wind turbine pitch control. These drives allow for precise control of blade pitches to optimize output power.

COMBISTOP Spring-set brakes are spring applied and electronically released to hold pitch motors in place. They include versatile mountings, microswitch feedback options, and extreme temperature versions for the most demanding environments.


Shift the winds with KEB America.

KEB products include a wide operating temperature range, built-in redundancy, and other useful features to support efficient wind power operations. We offer scalable, easy-to-use technologies with various size ranges, and a controls product that scales from small turbines to large turbines.

Together, we can enable stronger, smarter, and more efficient wind fleets—and create a new standard for renewable energy. Find out more by visiting our wind power page.

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