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CSIA and KEB America – partnering to help system integrators succeed

Jonathan Bullick | April 18th, 2018

KEB America is a member of the Control Systems Integrator Association, or CSIA, an organization that promotes the development of business practices for system integrators. Because KEB works with integrators across many vertical industries we joined CSIA so we could continue to network with professionals from companies of all sizes.


KEB has worked with machine builders and OEMs to create full system solutions for more than forty years. As automation becomes more integrated with the manufacturing and production landscape, we hear more from end users about their specific needs. There is a need for specialized professionals to help the end user create their final product. To this end, we’ve recently taken steps to expand our system integrator network, so that we can connect our customers with the product and services that best suit their application.


Why partner with KEB America?


In the last few years KEB engineers have dedicated their time and energy to becoming experts on the latest automation trends – particularly the advancement of the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. We know many end users have questions about what these words mean and how they affect their business. As a system integrator, you’ve probably been fielding just as many questions as we have! To help, we have resources available in the form of downloadable manuals and catalogs, printed materials, videos, and local sales and support staff that will answer questions and keep you up-to-date on the latest innovations.


Another benefit to working with KEB is that many of our products were designed to work well with existing installations. For an integrator that deals with many brands of PLCs this means that the KEB product catalog can be a go-to source for all of their customers. We offer a range of communication protocols and some products come in several voltage classes. We can accommodate custom requests such as extra environmental protection, food-safe lubrication, and custom paint.



By becoming familiar with KEB products you have a fantastic opportunity to expand your offering to control and automation customers of all sizes and vertical markets, with existing installations or those starting from square one.


KEB as a member of CSIA


Click to download the full catalog

There are many things we bring to CSIA as a supplier, such as sales and support based in the US, and a constantly evolving portfolio of control products. KEB products can fit into almost any part of a modern system – not just automation. Our customers never feel limited to a certain type of application or audience, and many of our products are scalable to suit small or large installations.


Next week KEB America will be heading out to San Francisco to join in the CSIA Executive Conference where we hope to meet some of you in person. If you’re a system integrator – whether you own your own firm or you work for a large corporation – be sure to say hi. We’d love to tell you about our HMI, routers, motors, and drives, and also hear from you what your customers are looking for when they shop for industrial equipment.


Membership in professional organizations is just one of the ways you can connect with us and other experts in the controls and automation industry. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and link up with us on Linked In. We’re always sharing content we feel is important for system integrators and fellow engineers.

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