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Electrifying Auxiliaries in Commercial Vehicles Webinar

Michael Bauer | March 22nd, 2022


Webinar: Solutions For Multiple Auxiliaries In Commercial Vehicles

KEB America is presenting a 30-minute webinar focused on multiple auxiliaries in commercial vehicles at the Charged EVs Spring 2022 Virtual Conference.

Reserve a spot to ask questions on KEB’s T6 Auxiliary Inverter and to learn the benefits it delivers to electric and hybrid commercial vehicle builders.



What You Will Learn

Commercial electric and hybrid vehicles can have several low-power auxiliary loads that need to be electrified when decoupled from an ICE (internal combustion engine). Examples of these auxiliaries include pumps for power steering or body hydraulics, air compressors for braking and suspension or HVAC, and direct-drive or geared motors for other fully-electrified body machinery.

This 30-minute session will teach you the five key benefits of a T6 Auxiliary Inverter system. We will explore how KEB’s T6 reduces components and system complexity, and demonstrate how it increases auxiliary efficiency, performance, and reliability.

Learn how these benefits are achieved with scalable hardware for controlling multiple auxiliaries, sensorless motor control, and smart embedded control solutions.

KEB Auxiliary Inverter Webinar at Charged EVs 2022 Conference

Webinar Details

Host: Charged EVs – Virtual Spring Conference
Date: Monday, April 4th, 2022
Time: 11 am Eastern / 10 am Central
Presenter: Tony Heiser, KEB America
Topic: Electrifying Auxiliaries: Innovative Solutions For Multiple Auxiliaries In Commercial Vehicles



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