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Elevator Tech 2020 – KEB America

Tyler Pecha | October 28th, 2020

We are excited to announce the release of new products in 2020. The new, larger 230V size drives, extra-long encoder cables, a building expansion, and the new KEB elevator app have been developed to offer elevator professionals the best tools for the trade. Here are our top three elevator tech products released here in 2020.

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A KEB F5 elevator drive with an LCD keypad
A photo of the 230V F5 “U” housing peak power unit.



The size 230V size 23 F5 “U” housing peak power unit is now available. With a continuous current rating of 264A and a thirty-second peak current rating of 450A, this drive can handle the most difficult elevator applications while providing superior ride quality. Available with either TTL or EnDat encoder card feedback. Additional feedback cards are available upon request.


Encoder cables up to 360ft (110m) long


Long Encoder Cable

An extra-long 110m (360ft.) encoder cable for use with EnDat encoders is now available for challenging MRL or remote machine room applications. This special low-loss cable includes a direct SubD connection into the F5 Elevator drive. An additional encoder cable adapter is available to eliminate the need to cut or splice a cable.


A hand holding a Mobile Phone with KEB Elevator App
KEB Elevator app connects to KEB drives using Android or Apple devices via Bluetooth.

KEB Elevator App

Finally, we are excited to announce the release of the KEB Elevator app. The app allows anyone with an Apple or Android smartphone to connect to the drive via Bluetooth. Parameter adjustments, uploads, and troubleshooting diagnostic screens are several available features in the app.


Training Resources

Check out our YouTube channel for training material on the F5 Elevator drive. Topics such as initial startup, ride quality, and troubleshooting are covered. You can also find resources on our elevator support page here on our website.

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