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EtherCAT Motion Control for Packaging Machines

Jonathan Bullick | November 11th, 2020

For some, using EtherCAT to achieve synchronous coordinated motion can feel daunting. Here is a quick demonstration to guide you through the process. Learn how to create coordinated motion with EtherCAT and KEB’s C6 Smart control using the Combivis Studio IDE (Codesys-based) software.

In this video demonstration, Scott Cunningham, KEB America’s controls product manager, shows how easy it is to coordinate and synchronize a seal bar, typically used in the packaging machines industry, to an infeed conveyor using EtherCAT and KEB’s C6 Smart control.


Set up an EtherCAT master and multiple drives in 10 minutes


Demo Highlights

Scott sets up a sample seal bar application where one motor axis is an inbound conveyor running in Velocity Mode. The second servo motor axis is the seal bar that is being synchronized to the inbound conveyor with a Cam profile from KEB’s SMART EtherCAT control.

The video highlights the ease of setup using Combivis Studio 6 IDE and KEB’s motion libraries. EtherCAT is an excellent choice for Motion Control applications, learn more at the EtherCAT Technology Group website.


KEB EtherCAT Controls – High-Performance Motion Control

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