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EtherCAT Stepper | BLDC Module – KEB America

Jake Wattenphul | June 14th, 2020


KEB’s EtherCAT Stepper BLDC Module is a welcome addition to the KEB EtherCAT IO family. This compact module brings stepper and brushless DC motor control to the DIN rail.


It is rated for 5 Amps nominal and up to 15 Amps peak. It is UL listed to 42 VDC. Inputs are available for limit switches and encoder feedback. Additionally, a brake output is available. Units are programmed according to the CiA DS402 motion profiles


EtherCAT Stepper | BLDC Module [Video Transcript]

KEB’s EtherCAT stepper module is used to operate both brushless DC and stepper motors.

This compact module measures only 25mm wide and easily expands onto other C6 I/O products. It is capable of 5 amps nominal current and can reach up to 15 amps peak for brushless DC motors.

For motors with a brake, the module can handle the brake control and a half amp output is available for powering the brake.

The stepper module can run motors ranging from 12 to 72 Volts DC and is UL listed up to 42Volts DC.

The unit uses the CiA DS402 motion control profiles so standard homing, velocity and Torque Modes are possible. Positioning modes are also possible when using the encoder and hall effect sensor inputs.

Additional programmable I/O is available for wiring limit switches and other required sensors.

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