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EtherNet/IP for Packaging Machinery

Colin Zauner | November 13th, 2017


Hi, my name is Colin Zauner. I’m here with KEB America at the 2017 Pack Expo and today we are showing off our complete line of automation solutions.


Here we have our S6 EtherNet/IP servo drive. It is an EtherNet/IP slave so we can connect here to the hub and transmit data to the HMI and also it can be controlled by any EtherNet/IP device.


We have our HMI here with an industrial IP66 bezel with over 60 million colors possible.


Here we have our DIN rail-mounted IPC, the C6 Smart PLC. It is an EtherCAT master as standard and also an EtherCAT backbone to which you can attach all of the remote EtherCAT IO. Another feature of the C6 Smart is that it can also connect to other EtherNet/IP devices that are on your machine. For example, here, the C6 Smart is handling all the intense motion. The other PLC up here is just sequencing what motion profiles to handle so it can do that with EtherNet/IP communication.


We have remote IO modules that act as an EtherNet/IP slave that help to transmit data back and forth between our devices as well. Here you can see we have our stepper drive which is handling all of the motion with the stepper motor here. The C6 Smart can handle real-time synchronous motion, it can handle camming, phasing, and gearing and all of that is easy to program with our COMBIVIS Studio suite.


COMBIVIS Studio comes with the ability to program all of your controls in any of the IEC 61131 programming languages and also we have nice and easy wizards and graphical editors that make designing the cam profiles very easy and fast which reduces the amount of engineering time that takes to get a machine up and running.


Lastly here we have the C6 Router which allows you to remote connect to all of your devices anywhere in the world as long as it has an internet connection. We have a few different variants of our C6 Router. You can either connect to it with a standard Ethernet cable or you can have our wireless version which uses a SIM card for wireless cellular access. The C6 Router allows you to remotely connect to all of your devices with a VPN connection it can also be used to collect data from your devices that are in the field. you can push that data out to the cloud for collection and other data analytics.



For more information about our EtherNet/IP compatible automation products, contact a KEB America sales engineer today.


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