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Ethernet/IP Setup Guide: Allen Bradley PLC and KEB Drive – Logix 5000 and COMBIVIS 6

Wyatt Blomquist | April 5th, 2024

This guide aims to assist you in setting up Ethernet/IP communication between a KEB variable frequency drive and a Rockwell Automation PLC. The first step involves configuring the correct fieldbus protocol and parameter settings in COMBIVIS 6. Once that’s done, you can use Logix5000 software to connect to an Allen Bradley Logix 5000 PLC.

Before we start, ensure you have all the components below to successfully connect the KEB Drive and Rockwell PLC using the EtherNet/IP protocol. EtherNet/IP is a popular choice for industrial automation machines, particularly Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley PLCs, in the United States.

To successfully setup communication with KEB drives in Rockwell Logix 5000 software, download the EDS files from the document database in COMBIVIS 6 (see image below).


Screenshot of the KEB Document Database to download EDS files for the F6 and S6 drives
Download the EDS files for KEB drives from the Document Database in COMBIVIS 6


Part 1 – EtherNet/IP Setup in COMBIVIS 6

The first step is to connect a KEB device to a computer running COMBIVIS 6 software.


Connect a KEB Drive

Once you open COMBIVIS, click on the “New project” button and select ok. Then, click on the KEB device scan to scan for devices.


Screenshot of COMBIVIS 6 Scan for device icon
Screenshot of COMBIVIS 6 Scan for device icon

Make sure you have the right device selected and click “Add Selected Devices.”


KEB Device Scan Window in Combivis 6 software
KEB Device Scan Window in Combivis 6 software


Configure Device Parameters

Click on the “device parameters” tab at the top of the page and scroll down to the “fb” parameters. You need to expand the fb parameters by clicking on the + icon.


Parameter list from COMBIVIS 6 software showing how to setup EtherNet/IP protocol communication with Rockwell PLC
Parameter list from COMBIVIS 6 showing how to setup EtherNet/IP communication by adjusting parameters fb68, fb108, fb109, and fb113 

After expanding the fb parameters, find “fb.68” and double-click on this line. In the pop-up window, select Ethernet/IP. Then, scroll down to “fb108” to set up COMBIVIS over Ethernet with the drive, and “fb109” to set up Ethernet/IP communication with the fieldbus.

In fb109, set the IP address and subnet mask of the parameter to work with your network’s IP address. After setting an IP address for the drive, go to fb113, double-click on the text name, and select KEB control in the pop-up window. Once you’ve selected KEB control, press “ok.”


Additional Protocol Configuration Method in Wizards Tab


Select EtherNet/IP fieldbus protocol in COMBIVIS PLC programming software and perform a software reset
Select EtherNet/IP in the “Wizards” fieldbus tab and perform a software reset


Alternatively, you can select EtherNet/IP communication by going to the “Wizards” tab at the top of the screen. Select “Fieldbus.” At the top of the Fieldbus tab, select Ethernet/IP from the dropdown menu. Next, look at the bottom right-hand side of the window and click on the “stored mappings” button.


COMBIVIS Tutorial screenshot - EtherNet-IP Setup showing Standard PD mapping for KEB Drives
Selecting KEB’s standard PD mapping option in the COMBIVIS 6 stored mappings database


Click on the “stored mappings” button. Go to the “Load” folder and in the dropdown menu find “Standard PD mapping F6/H6/S6.” Click “OK” in the popup window. Go to the top of the screen and press the “Run Software Reset” button.

That’s it! These steps should help you configure the drive to an Ethernet/IP PLC in COMBIVIS 6 software.



Part 2 – KEB Drive Setup in Logix 5000

With the EtherNet/IP designated as the communication protocol on the KEB Drive in COMBIVIS 6 you will need to open Logix5000 PLC programming software from Rockwell Automation to setup communication between the KEB drive and the Allen Bradley PLC.

You will need the .EDS file from KEB America to do this setup. Contact us and we will send you the .eds files you need.


Logix5000 software to begin a KEB EDS file install using EtherNet/IP Communication
Logix5000 software – Begin a KEB EDS hardware install using EtherNet/IP

Go to the tools menu and click on EDS Hardware Installation tool. Click “Next” but make sure the “Register an EDS file(s)” is selected before you continue. Click “Next” until you see the screen to browse for the EDS file on your computer. Select the .EDS file and click “Next.” If there are no errors, click “Next.”


EtherNet-IP Tutorial step in Logix 5000 software to select the KEB EDS file on your computer
Select the KEB EDS file on your computer in Logix 5000 software

If you see the KEB logo on this screen you can click next until you get to the last screen of the installation and click “Finish.”


Find the KEB logo in Logix 5000 to confirm the correct drive has been found
Find the KEB logo in Logix 5000 to confirm the correct drive has been found

Now that the .EDS file is installed, go to A1, Ethernet in Logix 5000. Right click and select New Module.


Tutorial image shows clicking on the A1 New Module option in Logix 5000 software
Right-click on the A1, EtherNet New Module option in Logix 5000 software

Once the “Select Module Type” and search KEB to find the drive you want to connect to the Rockwell PLC.


EtherNet/IP Tutorials in Logix 5000 software to Select Module type
EtherNet/IP Tutorials in Logix 5000 software to Select Module type

Select the drive you are setting up communication with and press create.


Logix 5000 Module Definition window
Logix 5000 Module Definition window

Name the device here. Set the IP address of the drive here to match with the IP address you set for the drive in COMBIVIS under FB 109.


Logix 5000 KEB drive connection Name device and IP Address setup
Name the device and enter the device’s IP Address

Press change and select KEB control for the drive. Press ok. Select Yes.


Logix 5000 tutorial screenshot selecting Connection Request Packet Interval-RPI
Selecting the KEB Control I/O Process Data “Request Packet Interval” for your application

On the left navigation window of the screen, click on “connection” to set your Requested Packet Interval (RPI) and then click “ok.” Once this is completed, click “create” and you are ready to go.



In summary, KEB drives offer valuable flexibility with various communication options and advanced motor control features. Should you have further questions regarding connecting a KEB drive to a Rockwell PLC via EtherNet/IP or KEB automation solutions in general, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to assist you with any questions or needs you may have.

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