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Filters to Reduce Harmonic Distortion in Elevator Applications

Jake Wattenphul | October 26th, 2023


Due to some products’ long lead times, buildings that require low harmonic distortion must find another alternative. KEB has a full line of available harmonic filters to fill this need in the market. This article expands on the technical features, certifications, and benefits of our filters to reduce harmonic distortion in elevator applications.


What is Harmonic Distortion?

Harmonic distortion comes from VFDs sending current to a motor. The IGBTs inside the VFD create something called pulse width modulation that allows variable control of the speed and torque of a motor. The downside of this PWM is harmonic distortion that, when unchecked, can produce negative effects on a motor and sensitive electronics.

For more info, check out: Harmonic Filters for Reducing VFD Distortion


An Oscilloscope with sinewave harmonic distortion on the screen


How Harmonic Filters Help

The purpose of a harmonic filter is to reduce harmonic distortion and its adverse effects on the motors and other nearby electronics. For elevator applications in a hospital, airport, or laboratory setting, these electronic distortions can negatively effect other electrical systems such as a building’s heating and air conditioning system.


harmonic filter


KEB Harmonic Filter – Quick Facts

  • Assembled at KEB
  • UL Certified device
  • NEMA 1 rated options for larger units (Enclosure and standalone unit)
  • Both 230 and 480 voltage class options
  • Fulfills IEEE 519 Standard
  • Harmonic Distortion 8%
  • Low loss design
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Protects drive and regen from line side disturbances or transients
  • Decreases current ripple on DC Bus capacitors
  • Increases lifespan and less heating of electrical components

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Download Product manuals and catalogs on our product page: Harmonic Filters



Harmonic filters are designed to reduce harmonic distortion and KEB’s line of filters fill a need for elevator professionals working on new construction or modernizations. If you want to know more, a KEB elevator application engineer can walk you through the process of selecting a harmonic filter to your elevator machine room and meet your building’s requirements.


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