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Helical Bevel Gearmotors

Josh Pozner | November 9th, 2015

KEB America has a variety of gearing options when it comes to gearmotors, but our most popular offering is our helical bevel gearing. The combination of high efficiency, versatile performance, and great pricing makes the helical bevel gearmotor our ideal solution for applications where an angular gearmotor with continuously high output torques is required.


Often times people think that worm gearmotors are the better option because they can achieve the desired output speed and torque for an application at a lower price. What you may not know is that worm gearmotors are actually less efficient than helical bevel gearmotors.


In fact, worm gearing is the least efficient type of gearing. You will find that worm gear efficiency is often times around 80%, but KEB’s helical bevel gearmotors are 90+% efficient. Because of the higher efficiency you will have less heating and less audible noise than in worm gearmotors, and you will be able to use a smaller motor for a given output torque.


Although initial cost may be higher for the helical bevel gearmotors, the long run operation costs will be more for you if you select a worm gearmotor, due to the fact that you will be paying much higher energy costs since the worm gearmotor is less efficient than the KEB helical bevel gearmotor.


helical_bevel_blogKEB’s helical bevel gearmotors are available from .25hp – 50hp and we offer many complimenting options/add ons for whatever your application may require.


Typical applications for our helical bevel gearmotors include industrial door lifts, theatre hoists, and cable drum driving. Our gearmotors can be mounted by either foot or flange mount, and we can machine custom flanges to fit your application needs. The bevel gearing provides a right angle output. We can machine custom solid output shafts, and we offer hollow shaft outputs as well.


We can add our spring applied brake solution to the non-drive end of the motor for applications where dynamic braking is needed, or for applications where a secondary holding brake is needed. We can even mount a load brake onto the output of a helical bevel gear motor for hoist and theatre applications. For applications where strict positioning is needed, we offer both incremental and absolute encoders, and for those washdown applications, we offer an IP65 rated gearmotor solution.


If you’d like to know more about our helical bevel gearmotors contact a KEB sales engineer via email.


Here’s a short video if you’d like to know more about our gearmotors and production capabilities:


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