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High Speed Elevator in Long Island City NY | Machine Room Vids #06

Jake Wattenphul | December 11th, 2017


In this episode, we give an overview of a high-speed elevator machine room in a rapidly changing area of NYC – Long Island City. Many outdated industrial buildings are being replaced by high-rise buildings.

We visit a machine room where KEB Elevator Drives are running 1000FPM cars and using regenerative drives.

Long Island City is on the east side of the East River, across from Manhattan. The area is booming with buildings so a lot of new high-rises are going up in the area. As you look around you can see a lot of tall buildings going in, residential towers replacing a lot of old industrial areas.


One Queens Plaza South Tower

Hi, I’m Tony Heiser with KEB America. Today I’m visiting One Queens Plaza South Tower in Long Island City in New York. This particular building has MCEI control KEB F5 elevator drives and R6 line regen units and imperial PM gearless AC machines. Cars here 1000FPM.

With space being a premium, a lot of industrial areas are being torn down and replaced with high-rise buildings for rental and housing units. Being that space is a premium, you have to build higher and with the higher rises, you need faster elevators, higher speed elevators. Often in the 500FPM to 1200FPM range.

A lot of the buildings that we’re seeing in Long Island City is that are going up are high-rise buildings and many of them are at the thousand-foot-per-minute threshold.

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