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Class J High speed fuse now available from KEB America

Jonathan Bullick | January 6th, 2017

A fast-acting, Class J high-speed fuse for your VFD can now be purchased directly from KEB America. For customers needing large quantities of Class J fuses we are able to offer competitive pricing along with fast service and reliable support. Fuse holders and covers are also available.

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The compact High-Speed Class J fuse feature optimized over-load capability allowing them to withstand elevated levels of current and excellent cycling ability for applications that require frequent starts and stops. They have low I2t let-through are available in AC and DC ratings.

The High Speed Class J (HSJ) combines the low I2t of a semiconductor fuse and the branch-circuit performance of a Class J UL Listed fuse into a single design. The HSJ can provide both branch circuit protection per NEC requirements, as well as very low I2t for protection of power semiconductors such as Diodes, SCRs, GTOs and SSRs.

For more information or to add HSJ fuses to your KEB order, contact us today.


KEB Fuse Part Number Fuse Rating Fuse Mfg. Part Number
0090268-1409 20 A HSJ20
0090268-1419 25 A HSJ25
0090268-1429 30 A HSJ30
0090268-1439 35 A HSJ35
0090268-1449 40 A HSJ40
0090268-1459 45 A HSJ45
0090268-0459 50 A HSJ50
0090268-3479 60 A HSJ60
0090268-3499 70 A HSJ70
0090268-3519 80 A HSJ80
0090268-3527 90 A HSJ90
KEB Fuse Holder
Part Number
Fuse Holder
Mfg. Part Number
0090271-4204 60308SJ Holder for 20-30A HSJ fuses
0090271-4701 60608J Holder for 35-60A HSJ fuses
0090271-5301 61038J Holder for 70-90A HSJ fuses
KEB Cover
Part Number
Fuse Cover
Mfg. Part Number
0090275-4201 DFC-10(I) Cover with indicator for 20-30A HSJ fuses
0090275-4701 DFC-6(I) Cover with indicator for 35-60A HSJ fuses
0090275-5301 DFC-3(I) Cover with indicator for 70-90A HSJ fuses
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