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Infrastructure Week and KEB America

Jonathan Bullick | May 16th, 2018

Each year, Infrastructure Week seeks to highlight the importance of the nation’s infrastructure in our daily lives. Modern technology to support and maintain our roads, airports, rails, bridges, water treatment, energy production, and all the rest is a huge industry. KEB America is a part of this industry and we understand the importance of getting people through their day with safety, speed, and efficiency.


Airports and transit

With a country as large as ours, air travel and rail transit are an important part of getting around. Escalators powered by KEB drives have been installed in several major transportation stations, like LA Metro, Grand Central Station, and JFK Airport. Moving people from security check points to gates, from the ticketing counter to the train, is an important part of keeping the system moving. KEB drives are a reliable piece of the the puzzle.

Water and wastewater treatment

Maintaining water supply and properly treating wastewater is a cornerstone of modern civilizations. In this industry, KEB is able to offer a full line of solutions, from motors and brakes with washdown protection features, to routers, IPCs, and HMIs for building a distributed system of monitoring and maintenance. Keep water flowing without constantly making expensive or dangerous trips out to the field.

Alternative energy – wind and hydro power

Alternative energy production requires specialized tools. KEB offers pitch and yaw drives that are specially designed for wind turbines. Servo motors are excellent choices for dynamic control, and spring-set brakes – available in extreme climate variations – give power-off failsafe braking to prevent catastrophic failure incidents. KEB drives and motors are also well suited for hydro power systems. With industrial tier IP ratings, KEB control and automation products can be used in environments prone to extreme heat and cold, as well as dirt and other particles and moisture. [/gdlr_column]
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Infrastructure week - escalator drives
KEB Escalator Drives power your commute at LA Metro
Infrastructure week - Safely monitor wastewater treatment facilities
Safely monitor wastewater treatment facilities with KEB automation and control products
Infrastructure week - wind power
Wind power made possible by KEB pitch and yaw drives


Our experienced designers and engineers are able to tackle special projects from a huge range of industries related to infrastructure. Power transmission, heat and power generation, recycling, material handling, pumps, sorting and picking, and construction are just a few of the types of customers we work with every day. If you’d like to work with us to keep America’s infrastructure safe, functional, and efficient, let’s chat – we have many solutions available, including the perfect one for you and your clients.


Is building a better infrastructure part of your vision? We’d love to help!

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