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IP65 Rated Electromagnetic Brake Enclosure

Jake Wattenphul | April 12th, 2022

The KEB COMBISTOP Type 28 MINI is designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. With an IP65 sealed rating and silicon lead wires that are rated for -50…180deg C, this is an optimal solution for any application where a brake is needed to perform in the elements.


KEB's IP65 brake
KEB’s IP65 brake product for harsh environments.


This brake is custom-built with a rugged, weather-sealed, metal enclosure. It is perfectly suited for applications like linear actuators that are used to position and hold components in place, all while being exposed to rain, snow, wind and icy conditions. The KEB COMBISTOP product sits at the core of this product. It’s a power-off brake, also known as a fail-safe brake, that engages a spring-applied friction surface to stop a load in the event of a power failure.

For outdoor projects with a stringent design, KEB offers a weather-rated, fully sealed IP65-rated COMBISTOP Brake for your machine.


IP65 weather-sealed brake
Front face of the KEB IP65 weather-sealed electromagnetic brake.


IP65 Brake Solution

You can mount this brake product directly to a motor or machine frame with an O-ring seal, so long as the mounting surface meets KEB’s mounting specifications. If the mounting surface does not meet the specifications, a secondary flange can be provided by KEB with intermediate and face sealing O-rings to retain the IP65 seal. This is possible due to KEB America’s capability of manufacturing custom parts. Our application engineers and in-house CNC machine shop can work with customers to design best-practice solutions.


Brake Features  

This IP65 brake product has the following features.


  • 2 Nm holding torque
  • IP65 enclosure rating
  • Silicon cable rated for -50..180degC
  • Optional nickel-plated steel flange with o-ring seals


  • Brake Flange OD = 78mm
  • Magnet OD = 60mm
  • Overall Length (thickness with flange) = 35.8mm
  • Max bore size = 10mm


Local North American Manufacturing & Engineering

With a 150,000 sq. ft. ISO 9001-2015 certified facility in Minnesota, our team can draft, CNC machine, and test new products in North America. Our 50-year legacy of providing high-precision automation products engineered to fit the customer’s needs is a huge benefit to them. While a standard solution is often the most economical, the ability to machine custom products is often a huge benefit to OEMs. We want to understand your application and its requirements so that we can provide the best solution at a reasonable price.

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Side view of KEB's weather-sealed IP65 brake
A side view of KEB’s weather-sealed IP65 brake.


If you’re interested in this enclosed, IP65-rated brake or other automation solutions, contact an application engineer today!

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