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IP65 Washdown Integral Gearmotors

Josh Pozner | June 1st, 2015
IP65 gear motor used in marine application
IP65 gear motor used in a marine application

One thing that sets KEB apart from our gearmotor competitors is that we work with our customers to provide customized solutions which match the application requirements exactly.


One example of this is the washdown integral gearmotor offering KEB has developed after working in the food and beverage, marine, and wastewater industries for many years.


KEB’s IP65 gearmotor product is available up to 60hp (37kW) and 12,000+ Nm torque output. Gearing types available include a helical inline, parallel shaft (a.k.a. offset or snuggler), right angle helical worm, and right angle helical bevel. All of our IP65 integral gear motors use totally enclosed motors and internal parts (rotor and stator) are coated with a special epoxy paint that can withstand some of the toughest application environments. Additional features include special shaft seals on both the drive and non-drive end, terminal box gaskets, and a water-resistant terminal box cover.



KEB also has the capability to add custom parts to our washdown gearmotors. We can add stainless steel shafting for applications that may be in a corrosive environment, so the drive components will not rust to the shaft. We can also offer food-grade paint and lubrication for those applications in the food slicing, meat processing, and packaging industries. Finally, an IP65 KEB spring-set brake can also be used with the motor to provide power-off braking.


Below is a link to the KEB Drive website. Here you can find KEB’s gearmotor catalog and installation manuals. Also, you can find the KEB gearmotor configuration software which can be used to size and select the right gearmotor for your application.


See below for more information on KEB gearmotors:

Do you have an application that requires IP65 washdown integral gearmotors? Contact one of our Applications Engineers and discuss your application today.

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