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KEB America introduces new High Capacity Spring-Set Load Brake

Jonathan Bullick | July 1st, 2020
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SHAKOPEE, Minn, July 1 – KEB America today introduced a new High Capacity Load brake.  The brakes use a spring-set (power-off) design and are electrically released. The brakes are offered in graduated sizes up to 3200Nm (2360 ft-lb).

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“These brakes are ideal for critical lifting applications that require secondary braking.  This includes cranes, hoists, and lifts”, says KEB Marketing Manager, Jonathan Bullick.  The brakes feature a number of standard features including noise reduction, a manual bolt release mechanism, and an integrated mounting flange.  Brake options include a microswitch for engagement feedback, a manual hand release, and an IP54 rated cover.


The brakes are manufactured at KEB America’s facility outside Minneapolis, MN and are available for sale immediately.


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