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KEB America Voted Elevator Drives Award Finalist

Michael Bauer | August 1st, 2022

Elevator World, the premier publisher for the global vertical transportation industry, names KEB America a 2022 Ellies award finalist for “Best Supplier – Motors/Drives.”

The Ellies recognizes North American elevator and escalator industry businesses that go above and beyond for their customers, employees, communities, and the industry.

Elevator industry professionals and customers selected the 24 category finalists. Now, it’s your turn to help crown KEB America as the best supplier of elevator motors and drives. Voting takes place from August 1st through August 12th at *Update: Voting has ended. The winners will be announced live at the NAEC Fall convention in the Education Pavilion, Wednesday September 21 at 10am.


Voting Details

Before casting a vote, evaluate KEB America and the other suppliers on their products, pricing, delivery, training, support, and travel. We ask for your vote based on your experience using our products and working with our team.

*The Best Supplier – Motors/Drives category is located at the bottom, right-hand side of the page.* Note: You must enter your email address each time you cast a vote or it will not be counted.


Click to vote (once per day) for your favorite elevator supplier and contractor. Winners will be announced at the 2022 NAEC Convention.


Earning Your Vote

There is a reason why KEB is the North American leader in manufacturing elevator/escalator drives and regen. We manufacture high-quality products and offer first-class service to ensure the most vital mode of building transportation is reliable and safe.

Why vote for KEB America? KEB delivers mature, industry-specific solutions while developing and investing in new technologies. Our technical team is accessible, supporting clients through many forms of communication. We are out in the community, traveling to trade shows, conferences, and seminars to meet with industry leaders and to inform the community of the latest information on KEB solutions. Finally, 2022 has been a challenging year for many global manufacturers. KEB has put every effort into assembling and delivering drives to customers in the fastest time possible.


First-class Elevator Drives

KEB builds solutions for specific applications. The F5 Elevator Drive is tested, proven, and the go-to choice for many industry professionals.

Introduced in the early 2000s and with over 100,000 units installed worldwide, the F5 Drive continues to deliver a smooth, reliable elevator ride from residential homes to large high-speed high-rise buildings.

Investments in user-friendly technology enable users to program drives conveniently and save money. The KEB Elevator App allows users to create and edit parameters and view real-time diagnostics via smartphones. The R6 Regenerative Drive returns energy to the building power instead of being dissipated as wasted heat, helping some customers reduce energy by up to 80%!

Screenshot of KEB Elevator Drive Mobile App
Download the KEB Elevator App to create and edit parameters. Available on Android and iPhone smartphones.


Exceptional Support

KEB offers elevator technicians a convenient way to connect with solution experts to learn about drives, ask questions, and troubleshoot issues. This experienced team of solution experts is available to consult, train, and support clients over the phone, in a web meeting, or onsite.

In addition, the KEB offers customers 24x7x365 access to manuals, documents, articles, instructional files, and video tutorials on its support page.


Hands-on Training

KEB delivers onsite training sessions to industry professionals across North America. These small group sessions are inclusive, interactive, and thorough. Attendees learn about the F5 and R6 Drives through presentations, live discussions, and hands-on demonstrations.

These sessions give elevator technicians everything they need to know about keypad navigation, troubleshooting, regen units, and COMBIVIS 6 commissioning software.

KEB America Elevator Training Session
KEB America presents to elevator companies at the Vantage Elevation Midwest Regional Service Center in Chicago.

“Working with Tony Pham at these training sessions has been a great opportunity,” said Josh Petty, Regional Field Engineer, Midwest Region at Vantage Elevator Solutions. “He is very knowledgeable and is excellent in a classroom. It’s been awesome!”


Trade Shows and Events

KEB invests in industry-related conferences and regional workshops to support memberships and to inform the elevator community of the latest information on KEB solutions.


KEB America at a tradeshow Booth
KEB showcases elevator drives and regen at trade shows and conferences.

Find us at the Elevator Conference of New York (ECNY), Canadian Elevator Contractors Association (CECA), National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC), and other events.



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