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KEB Double Rotor Brakes for 2x torque

Aaron Rasmussen | March 29th, 2017

KEB America’s spring applied double rotor brakes are designed for applications where space is of concern. It is still your typical “failsafe brake” and is electrically released. Our double rotor brake line can produce torques from 140Nm (103 ft-lb) up to 1,500Nm (1,106 ft-lb).



The double rotor design achieves double the torque of our main Combistop brake line, simply by adding in a second friction lining, hence the double rotor. All of the other components are standard, meaning it is still proven technology but with the added benefit of double the torque in the same diameter package.


Optional accessories can be added to fit the requirements of the application including:

  • Manual hand release.
  • Mounting flange.
  • Rubber dust seal increases protection from IP20 to IP44.
  • Single or dual micro switch to monitor brake release and/or brake wear.
  • Optional noise dampening design when noise is of concern, such as theatre applications.
  • UL rated full or half wave rectifier if only AC voltage supply is available.


Overall, the double rotor brakes are a great choice for theatre, hoisting, and other applications where diameter may be an issue and increased torque is needed. The brake has been designed to be installed with ease, factory preset airgap, and to be customizable by adding on accessories needed for the application.

Please refer to the attached chart for the size specifications for each torque.

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