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KEB Gearmotors: German Engineered. American Assembled

Jake Wattenphul | May 9th, 2017

KEB America’s integral gearmotor product combines the best of both worlds – A quality German-engineered product that is locally customized and assembled for the North American market.

KEB Gearmotors are available in 4 basic gear configurations:



Steve: My name is Steve Hibbard, and I’m the Vice President of automation and drives.


Joshua: I’m Joshua Pozner, East Regional Sales Manager here at KEB.


S: The KEB geared motor product is a really important part of our automation suite of products. It’s German-engineered and we assemble the product in North America.


J: We have a wide range of different gearmotor applications that we work on. Very industrial, very rugged. We designed this for the global market so it’s available in different voltage configurations.


S: We have all the North American options for voltage and frequency, but we also have voltage and frequency options that are standard for European and Asian applications so KEB gearmotors can really be designed and specified for use around the world.


J: We work on multiple different industries from medical, to industrial, to material handling, to theatre, to elevator.


S: KEB gearmotors can be used in a variety of applications including outdoor applications. We offer a washdown product option but also we have different levels of exterior coatings and interior coatings on the motor part to make sure that the motor is suitable for use in any environment you might choose. The range of the KEB gearmotor product is from one-sixth horsepower to sixty horsepower. On the top end we go to 150,000 inch-pounds of torque. Our product is quality from the type of design and the quality that the engineers have put into the design itself so the product becomes very manufacturable, and very easy to assemble, very easy to service.


J: The KEB motor is designed to meet the IE3 international efficiency standards. The gearing types available are helical bevel, helical worm, helical offset, and helical inline.


S: On another level of quality we have a very easy-to-use dashboard interface called KEB Drive and that interface allows the user to select multiple configurations of gearmotors and this user tool allows them to generate 3D drawings, it allows them to generate 2D drawings and allows them to get all the structured text they need to complete the gearmotor configuration.


J: One point of emphasis for the KEB gearmotor products is that we have our own electromagnetic brake technology. This allows us to supply quiet brakes for elevator applications, double brakes for theatre applications, and microswitches for safety-related applications such as cranes and hoists.


S: In addition to the KEB gearmotors, KEB provides a full suite of automation products, including remote-connect routers, IPCs, PLCs, HMIs, variable frequency drives, servo amplifiers, so we really can offer a full suite of products – a complete solution from the HMI all the way down to the motor shaft.


J: If you’re interested in learning more about the KEB products, reach out to a sales representative such as myself for more information.


For more information or a quote request – contact a KEB America engineer today.


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