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KEB C6 HMI with Allen Bradley PLC

Colin Zauner | December 8th, 2020

The KEB C6 HMI series is the ideal solution for customers looking to replace or retrofit their Rockwell HMI. The C6 HMI can integrate directly with your current system because of many interfaces and communication drivers for PLC and VFD communication (over 40+ communication drivers to support major protocols).

It also offers direct tag sharing, integrated remote maintenance, and easy-to-use programming software to reduce the costs of development.

This post will focus on how the C6 HMI can integrate directly with your current Allen Bradley PLC, and replace your Allen Bradley PanelView HMI or current HMI.


remote monitoring with Allen Bradley PLC
KEB’s HMI is available in various sizes up to 15″.


Protocol Support

Will the C6 HMI connect and communicate to the Allen Bradley PLC? Yes, to establish communication and support Allen-Bradley Ethernet and Serial protocols, KEB has developed specific EtherNET/IP and DF1 serial communication drivers. All communication drivers can be easily configured during the HMI startup wizard and are free of charge. Below is a list of supported Allen Bradley controllers:

EtherNET/IP Protocol

  • CompactLogix
  • Control Logix
  • MicroLogix
  • FlexLogix
  • PLC-5
  • SLC-500
  • Micro800


DF1 Serial Protocol

  • CompactLogix
  • ControlLogix
  • MicroLogix
  • Flex Logix
  • PLC-5
  • SLC-500


Many Interfaces

To communicate with your Allen Bradley PLC and entire machine network the C6 HMI is equipped with many interfaces including 2 x Ethernet Ports and 1 x Serial Interface (RS232/422/485). Also included are 2 x USB ports and 1 x SD card slot for file saving and data collection.


KEB C6 HMI connection ports


Rockwell Tag Import

There is no need to rewrite PLC code or redesign an existing machine. KEB’s tag import functionality allows for seamless tag transferring. All tags from the current Allen-Bradley PLC project can be imported into the KEB HMI software called Combivis Studio HMI.


Simply import your .L5K file into Combivis Studio HMI, and select the desired tags to import.


Screen drawing and configuration are easy with drag and drop design methods as well as an extensive template library for reduced development time.


KEB Combivis software parameter feature Animation
KEB Combivis 6 software has a quick and easy parameter drag and drop feature


Effective HMI’s designed to increase productivity and output are possible with built-in functions such as alarms, data loggers, recipe management, messaging (email, SMS), and networking. The HMI can support these powerful features with its fast ARM processor and 4GB of memory for project use.


Allen Bradley PLC Remote Connections

Each KEB HMI comes standard with remote maintenance functionality via Combivis Connect. Secure end-to-end VPN connections between a remote user PC and the Allen Bradley PLC or machine network is possible with every C6 HMI.


After logging in to Combivis Connect on the user PC and connecting to the HMI, a virtual Ethernet adapter installed on the user PC by Combivis Connect receives an IP address within the machine network from the VPN server running on the HMI.


allen bradley vnc connection
KEB HMIs include Secure Remote Access functionality – at no additional cost


At this point, the PC becomes a true member of the remote machine network. This functionality allows for a direct end-to-end connection to your Allen Bradley PLC for programming, data collection, and maintenance from anywhere in the world.


Allen Bradley PLC remote connection with Combivis
Remote Access via HMI


The C6 HMI can replace your PanelView HMI or current HMI and integrate directly with an Allen Bradley PLC. The benefits of the C6 HMI include Allen Bradley protocol support, hardware compatibility, easy programming, and remote maintenance functionality for Allen Bradley PLC remote connections.


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