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KEB Software Selection: COMBIVIS 6 vs COMBIVIS Studio 6

Jake Wattenphul | May 29th, 2024

New customers often ask about the difference between COMBIVIS 6 and COMBIVIS Studio 6. This article and video demonstrate the distinction between the two.

COMBIVIS 6 is the free VFD commissioning software, while Studio 6 is the paid software offering extended functionality for PLC programming, multi-axis control, and more.

Watch the video below and read on to gain a basic understanding of KEB’s software.



COMBIVIS Software Overview

COMBIVIS is a powerful piece of software that gives you access to drive parameters and commissioning.

When you download the COMBIVIS software, you will receive both versions (6 and Studio 6) in the same zip file. During the installation process, you will encounter a window with two checkboxes. By default, only the free COMBIVIS 6 download option is checked. If you require PLC programming, motion control profiles, or complex multi-axis systems, you should also check the box to download Studio 6.

Studio 6 can be demoed without a paid license, but you won’t be able to save a project in the demo mode, and there is a one-hour time limit until you purchase a license. We will provide more detailed information on the main features of each version of COMBIVIS in the following sections.

If you are unsure which version is best for your application, contact us to consult with an application engineer.



When you download the free VFD programming software, COMBIVIS 6, you can program and configure KEB drives, access documentation, and troubleshoot your machine operation.


S-curve motion profile options tab in COMBIVIS 6

COMBIVIS 6 allows for parameter adjustments, a 16-channel scope for troubleshooting and diagnostics, communication protocol selection, and startup wizards for all generation 6 drives like the F6 and S6. These powerful start-up wizards significantly reduce engineering time to get up and running with our gen 6 drives.


KEB COMBIVIS Speed Controller options
COMBIVIS 6 Wizard functions – Speed Controller options

The Wizards for KEB’s generation 6 drives are useful for quickly configuring fieldbus communication options, creating graphical startup ramps, and performing a motor learn function to identify a motor’s characteristics using standard motor nameplate data.


KEB Document Database in COMBIVIS 6

When you register for free on the website, you can gain direct access to product manuals, 3D CAD files, catalogs, and technical documentation for KEB’s automation products.



If you require more than just drive programming, troubleshooting scopes, and access to the KEB document database, you may need to download the additional features offered in the licensed version of Combivis, known as Combivis Studio 6.


KEB combivis PLC programming software
KEB COMBIVIS Studio 6 PLC programming software

Studio 6 combines all the drive programming and troubleshooting features of COMBIVIS 6 with additional capabilities for programming controls and I/O in all six IEC languages, including Ladder Diagram (LD), Structured Text (ST), and Function Block Diagram (FBD).


KEB Combivis Studio IDE screenshot

Studio 6 also provides extensive function block libraries, motion profile editors, and simulation tools to simplify complex machine routines and reduce development times. Additionally, your production code can be encrypted and secured.


Function block libraries with pre-written codes for easy PLC programming

Studio 6 includes KEB’s powerful libraries that facilitate EtherCAT drive communication, Master-Follower synchronization, and Camming profiles.

Users benefit from convenient “SmartCoding” with tools for declaration, error diagnosis, debugging, and online data analysis.

Intuitive start-up assistants, a digital 16-channel oscilloscope, tools for data backup and recovery, and extensive expert tweaks for optimized fine-tuning of systems complete the engineering software from the development of automation to after-sales service. You can also protect your proprietary code by encrypting the source code.


COMBIVIS 6 Software screenshot of digital oscilloscope functionality
COMBIVIS 6 and COMBIVIS Studio 6 offer a 16-channel digital oscilloscope function for diagnostics and troubleshooting.


Downloading and Installing COMBIVIS

Once you understand the basic functionality of both versions of COMBIVIS, download the zip file and install the version that suits your application.

Both versions of COMBIVIS (6 and Studio 6) can be found in the same packet/zip file. Check the box to add COMBIVIS Studio 6 and purchase a license if you need the extra features and functionality for your machine.

If you have any further questions about our COMBIVIS software, feel free to contact us.

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