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Download a load brake 3D model for your theatre application

Jonathan Bullick | February 13th, 2017
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KEB load brakes for theatre applications were designed with versatility in mind so they can comfortably incorporate with your existing installation. There are over a thousand possible configurations to choose from, so to make it easier to pick the right brake we’ve created this custom part-builder tool and load brake 3D model downloads.

Spring Applied Failsafe Brake animation video
KEB’s Proven Brake Technology for Theatre Hoists

The form is simple to use. Select the flange type, static brake torque, coil voltage, hub bore size, and options for your brake and click the SUBMIT button. The form combines the selections to create the unique part number for that brake. Then, when you’re ready to speak with a KEB sales engineer you’ll have the part number and a list of your selections ready to discuss.


load brake 3D model downloads


You will also have the option to download a .STP file. These files can be opened by CAD software and will allow you to see a 3D rendering of the brake that’s been selected, confirming dimensions and visualizing how it will be implemented into an existing system.


There are more options available than what we’re able to include in our online part builder. If your application requires special configurations, contact KEB and we’ll help you build the right brake.


spring applied load brake
KEB Spring-Applied Load Brake


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