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KEB announces Movilink driver for HMI and Routers

Jonathan Bullick | November 17th, 2017
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KEB America announces the addition of a Movilink driver to their HMI and Router products. The new feature enables the control products to interface with SEW-Eurodrive Movidrive® inverters.

In many control and automation projects, visualization and data logging can be added to give the user more useful feedback and facilitate operation. In order to make this enhancement as easy as possible for nearly any type of existing installation, KEB includes a wide range of communication interfaces in its products. The introduction of Movilink into the HMI and Router of the C6 line of automation products allows us to reach a wider range of system integrators and end-users.


All KEB HMIsMovilink drivers on KEB HMIs include an RS485 serial interface standard, which is used by the Movilink driver. Rugged and high-quality, the KEB HMI is well suited for many industrial applications. The HMIs come in a range of sizes and screen formats, bright back-lit displays with millions of colors, and touch technology. An LC version is available for applications that require a controller – an affordable solution for basic machine control with visualization. Each unit ships with COMBIVIS Connect software, so the system integrator has the ability to set up offsite commissioning and remote support.


By adding data logging to an installation, the C6 Router with Movilink can enhance the performance of a Movidrive® inverter. Using KEB’s IEC 62443-3 certified secure, global network and COMBIVIS Connect the user has all the tools to monitor the system and analyze performance. The router is also capable of facilitating remote adjustments so the system can be fine-tuned without having to leave the office.


Movilink joins the list of over 40 communication drivers offered by KEB America. By being able to support a host of PLC interfaces KEB HMIs allow the customer to build a platform based on KEB products that will work in many different situations. In addition to the HMI and Router, KEB offers a full line of control and automation products from gearmotors and brakes, to IPCs and software. Each product was designed to work as a stand-alone solution to be integrated into an existing system or to be joined with other KEB products in a new installation.


For more information on connecting KEB control products to a SEW-Eurodrive inverter, contact us today.

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