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Powerlink VFDs

Jonathan Bullick | May 12th, 2015

Those of you familiar with KEB’s background know that KEB has designed and sold VFDs since the 80’s – long before releasing our industrial PC and HMI product lines. Since KEB didn’t have their own PLCs they had to interface with everybody else’s product. This fact is is a major reason why KEB inverters today handle so many different communication protocols.


Take the F5 drive for example. The F5 uses a modular operator concept and can communicate with: EtherCAT, Powerlink, Profinet, Profibus, DeviceNet, Interbus, CANOpen, Sercos, Modbus, Ethernet TCP/IP, and Ethernet/IP.

VFD Bus Operator


Few drive manufacturers have the communication offering that KEB does. This certainly is a benefit if a machine builder is responsible for supporting different PLCs or have end users that spec different PLC vendors. The advantage is that you only need to support one drive platform. And all that changes between jobs is the operator specific parameters and the process data mappings.


One popular ethernet based communication protocol is Powerlink. KEB has it covered for Powerlink drive options. Open Loop and Closed Loop. Small power up to 1,000Hp. 208, 230 and 480V. Induction motors and PM servo motors. Below is a sampling of the KEB drives that support Powerlink communication options:


Powerlink drives



Do you need a Powerlink VFD? Contact a KEB engineer today to discuss.

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