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ProMat 2017 – material handling solutions from KEB America

Jonathan Bullick | March 16th, 2017


KEB America has been a leader in providing solutions for supply chain and manufacturing for over 40 years. If you haven’t had a chance to see any of our products in action, we’d love to meet you at this year’s ProMat show in Chicago. Here are a few of the products we’ll have with us.


Integral gearmotors


In the supply chain, there are many applications for KEB’s gearmotors, like hoists, lifts, conveyors, and cranes of all sizes. KEB gearmotors have a variety of options available, so they can be applied to existing installations. When you visit the KEB booth at ProMat, be sure to ask one of our Sales Engineers about the configuration options we offer, as well as typical locations for terminal boxes or power connections. Some of the other options include:

  • Spring-set brakes
  • Flange outputs
  • Encoders
  • Special paint or lubricants
  • Low-backlash gearing

At ProMat 17 - KEB H6 Multi Axis Servo Drive
H6 drive for multi-axis control


For coordinating movement over multiple axes, KEB offers the modular H6 drive. Single and double-axis outputs are available on the drive, and customers can choose from a B6 bridge rectifier or AFE for line regeneration. A wide range of fieldbus communication operators helps with connection to an existing PLC. Safety modules, for functions like Safe-Torque-Off and Safe-Brake-Control, can be added to the drive.

Line regenerative drives

KEB’s R6 Line Regen units are designed with advanced processing hardware and control algorithms to return otherwise unused energy to the grid. If the customer is looking for a way to lower operating costs, the R6 may be a good solution. By using excess energy rather than allowing it to simply be lost, less energy is needed overall. Returning the energy to the grid can also keep the temperature of the control room or cabinet lower, so additional cooling costs are lessened or even eliminated. Applications that lift and lower – like hoists and cranes – or cyclic applications like centrifuges are ideal for incorporating line regen.


ProMat brings together thousands of material handling and supply chain professionals to share ideas and innovations. We hope to see you in Chicago this April so you can see what KEB has to offer. If you’d like to make an appointment to speak with us more in-depth at the show, or you’d like us to email you material handling solution information, drop us a line and we’ll be in touch.


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