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Remote Access to Allen Bradley PLCs

Colin Zauner | November 7th, 2016

A few common questions I get from customers: Does the C6 Industrial VPN Router support remote access for PLCs with Ethernet/IP, DH+? Or more specifically, can the C6 Router connect to my ControlLogix, MicroLogix, CompactLogix, etc.?


The answer is YES!  In fact, most of our Router users in North America are connecting to a Rockwell PLC.

remote access rockwell plc
KEB’s Router connects to all Rockwell PLC platforms.



The C6 Router used in conjunction with Combivis Connect software can setup a secure end-to-end VPN connection to your Allen Bradley PLC’s. This post outlines the 6 steps needed to connect to an Allen Bradley PLC. If you’d rather watch this information, here’s a Rockwell Remote Access start-up video.


Step 1: Internet Access to the VPN Router

In order for Combivis Connect to setup a VPN connection, the C6 Router must have internet access. The Router acts as a VPN server and assigns the user PC an IP address within the VPN network ensuring a direct end-to-end connection using secure TCP/UDP ports and SSL/TLS protocol.

This can be accomplished two ways. Either by configuring the WAN interface or configuring the modem with a standard SIM card (4G Cellular Router model).


Remote access allen bradley WAN config
WAN configuration interface
Modem configuration interface

Step 2: Configure LAN Interface

The next step is to assign the LAN interface an IP address within the local PLC network. All Allen Bradley PLC’s using EtherNET/IP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, etc. belonging to the subnet of the LAN interface can be reached via the VPN tunnel.

LAN configuration screen


Step 3: Serial Port Configuration

Allen Bradley PLC’s using serial protocols such as DF1, DH+, or DH485 can also be remotely monitored and programmed. Combivis Connect uses a virtual serial adapter to map to the physical serial port of the C6 router.


Select the correct port setting.


The C6 Industrial Router supports remote connection to legacy PLC-5 and SLC 500 series PLCs as well

Step 4: Register Router to Domain

Before the C6 router can be connected, it must be assigned to the domain of Combivis Connect. Assign the KEB industrial router a name, and apply the settings. Once this step is complete, the router will reboot and enable connection to your Allen Bradley Rockwell PLC.

CONNECT domain registration

Step 5: Connect to C6 Router

Once the router has finished rebooting, it will come online and can be connected to through the domain device tree. Simply select the Connect button to establish a VPN connection to your PLC. Once the router is connected, all Allen Bradley PLCs can be accessed via the VPN tunnel.


Connected – Basic Diagnostic interface

Step 6: Remote Access with RSLogix

At this point, RSLogix can go online with the PLC and program in desired Controller operating mode.




In Stock – Contact KEB America today

KEB’s C6 industrial router is an ideal tool for remote maintenance and commissioning with your Allen Bradley PLC. The C6 offers a number of advantages over conventional routers and is designed from the ground up to provide effective, secure connections to controls in the field:


Worldwide Support & Access:

The C6 router provides support across several server locations via GSM networks worldwide, making it well suited for even the most remote installations. The tool can also access remote devices for maintenance and monitoring worldwide, regardless of the device manufacturer or type.


COMBIVIS Software:

The C6 features proven COMBIVIS connect software, allowing for remote maintenance of machines through secure end-to-end connections. This software also supports an audit log for user traceability, as well as user management and configurable firewall settings to maximize security.


HMI Functionality:

The router enables robust HMI functionality for long-term machine diagnostics and data logging, as well as notifications via SMS or email to keep your team informed and in control.


Third-Party PLC Compatability:

The C6 is fully compatible with third-party PLCs, including Allen Bradley, Siemens, and Schneider.

These C6 routers are in stock at our factory in Minneapolis, MN. Contact KEB America today if you want to set up remote access to your Allen Bradley PLC – or if you’d like more information on our industrial router solutions. Our application experts are here to help with anything you need.




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