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Harness the power of remote machine connectivity with C6 Router

Colin Zauner | July 20th, 2016

KEB’s C6 Industrial Router opens a world of possibilities to anyone looking for secure programming, monitoring, and data services tools for a remote machine. This blog post will review how the functionality of the C6 Router L-Version can be used to benefit businesses regardless of location.

4G Cellular Router Option

Connectivity is key for realizing the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things. A reliable internet connection is often required to access a remote machine for programming and data collection.


This can pose as a significant problem for systems located in a remote location and often requires time interacting with building IT departments for network access. No hardware Internet connection? No problem. As long as there is cellular service with a GSM network, the KEB 4G Cellular Router can be used for device connection with its integrated modem. This provides a IT-friendly solution with worldwide connection possibilities.

KEB’s Router provides access in the most remote installation

Easy and High Quality Data Collection

There is a lot of discussion right now regarding big data and the tremendous possibilities and promise it provides machines for predictive maintenance, process optimization, real-time process, etc. Often our ability to make sense of this data is limited by our collection and analysis methods.

The Router provides extensive alarm handling and data logging capabilities

The C6 Router uses drag and drop, fully customizable data logging templates for collecting data. This means you don’t need to be a data engineer to collect data. All data services provided by the C6 Router are designed in the Combivis Studio HMI environment. The data can either be stored locally or can be pushed to a Cloud service like AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Business Advantages using C6 Router

The C6 Router technology allows OEMs and system integrators to gain numerous business advantages.

Cost Savings: Travel costs on service trips and time spent trouble shooting is reduced immediately with the C6 Router. Importantly, the return on investment with the C6 router is realized fast.

Competitive Advantage: The C6 Router data logger services offer a competitive advantage as collected data can help improve machine performance and reliability by predicting shutdowns and advancing engineering developments.

New Business Opportunities: C6 Router creates new business opportunities by advancing customer support and using data to predict and drive business decisions with confidence. Most importantly the time to realize these opportunities is fast with little installation time required and easy integration with PLCs , VFDs, HMIs, and other enterprise systems.

allen bradley vnc connection
The Router can easily log data with Allen Bradley PLCs


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