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Remote PLC connections in wastewater applications

Jonathan Bullick | May 10th, 2016

A very popular application for the C6 Industrial VPN Router is SCADA systems in water and wastewater installations. Not only does the router aid in the set-up and troubleshooting of equipment, it offers the ability to remotely monitor and trend operating metrics through the on-site PLC.

wastewater instrumentation
KEB’s Router is ideal for water and wastewater applications


So here are some of the major advantages to using KEB’s industrial VPN router at your waste water facility.



By nature, the security of the remote PLC connection is imperative in public utility installs. The router connects to the remote PLC using an encrypted VPN connection. This connection is authenicated with KEB’s CONNECT global servers.  Overall, KEB’s remote access solution has been (re)audited and passed cybersecurity standard IEC 62443.

KEB’s remote access solution is audited annual to IEC 62443


Additional hardware safety measures like a local key switch and SMS text enable can also be implemented with onboard Router I/O. This ensures the device is only active or online-capable when desired.router enable


The KEB software program used to configure the Router, Combivis CONNECT, has extensive admin options which can also improve the system security.  Special users can be created by the admin and can be assigned unique passwords. Advanced firewall settings can be set to restrict access and log-in expiration dates can be defined.

PLC remote access software
CONNECT offers advanced firewall and access privilege options


Remote connection with cellular version

Some wastewater installations are in remote locations.  Or, maybe one particular machine is located in an area where it would be very difficult to make a hardware connection to the internet. 

The solution for these applications is KEB’s –L version of the router which features a 4G GSM cellular modem.

As long as there is cell service, the Router can provide Remote Access


A variety of antenna options are available for the –L version including one for outdoor installations (rated IP67).  The cellular version has the added benefit that it does not require the facility’s IT to become involved in any way.

Industrial router antenna
Various antenna options are available including an IP67 outdoor version


Datalogging and remote monitoring

The Router’s –HMI version has enhanced software functionality that allows parameters like water levels, pH values, and temperatures to be logged and viewed remotely. Special events, faults, and alarms can be set up as well. The –L version with cellular capability allows the SMS messaging of critical alarms for more effective response times.



SMS texts, emails, datalogging, trending, alarm handling are possible with the -HMI version.


What about my legacy equipment?

The router supports over forty PLC and HMI drivers meaning that it plays nice with nearly all major PLC vendors.

KEB’s Router works with any brand of PLC – new and old.


Even older protocols like Allen-Bradley’s DF1 and Data Highway?  Yes, even Data Highway or Siemens’ MPI. 



Perhaps the biggest sell feature for the router is its ease-of-use. A new user can be connected in as little as 15 minutes. The CONNECT software makes managing multiple installations very easy while allowing for a lot of individual customization.


Get Connected – With KEB’s VPN Router for Wastewater Applications

Are you wanting to remotely connect to your machine in the field? If so, contact KEB today to discuss if the router is right for you.

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