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Replacement for Hayssen Warner SF-250

Jonathan Bullick | April 20th, 2015

Hayssen UnitApplications using a Hayssen Ultima Vertical Form Fill Seal machine have frequently reported issues with the unit’s clutch/brake.

The Warner SF-250 clutch and PB2-50 brake have been known to wear out prematurely due to rapid cycling (typically 80+ per minute). Loose parts must be assembled and gapped blindly inside a confined custom housing. Often this leads to unreliable performance, inaccurate stopping, and unexpected costly downtime.

KEB has created a retrofit solution to the Hayssen Ultima application issues. The specially designed combination clutch/brake is a complete, single-piece unit that allows quick installation and setup time. It comes with a 20LB050 pulley already installed and extended bolts for the belt guard assembly.


The KEB Advantage

  • Bolt-on/off modular assembly requires no changes by the customer
  • Totally enclosed one-piece housing means no contamination-related failures
  • Single armature assembly ensures accurate and repeatable stopping
  • Patented wear adjustment typically gives the customer 100+ million cycles of life
  • Can operate with the existing machine control
  • Easily maintained by the customer


This unique, ready-to-install electromagnetic actuated clutch-brake module has been specially designed as a drop-in replacement for Hayssen part Nos. 10182A0020, 10182A0010, 10182A0021, and 10182A0011. Its patented adjustment procedure permits an air gap readjustment in its installed condition, thus giving a greater life to the wear-affected components.


Product Discontinuation Notice

KEB is discontinuing the manufacture and sale of this product on Friday, September 30, 2022.

Hayssen and Warner are registered names of their respective companies.

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