Product Details

KEB motors are available with different worldwide voltages and are offered in IE2 or IE3 efficiency levels.

At the heart of the brake motor is KEB’s spring-set brake. The brakes can be featured with a number of different options including a manual hand release or noise-reduced versions for theater applications.

KEB motors have relatively low inertia making them ideal for high cycle applications such as conveyors or indexers.

KEB motors feature class F insulation and are VFD ready.

KEB brakemotors can be equipped with feedback devices as well. Standard encoder formats supplied are TTL, HTL, Sin/Cos, and BiSS.

KEB motors are rated IP54 as standard. Optional IP65 versions using KEB’s Type 28 spring-set brake are also available for washdown applications.

Tech Specs


• Voltage class: 230V and 460V are standard (208, 400, 500, 690 available upon request)
• Motor poles: 4 is standard; 2, 6, 8 and multi-pole designs are optional
• Insulation class: F


• TEFC standard
• Duty cycle: S1 continuous standard
• S2, S3, S4 available (Fanless designs)
• Explosion Proof: ATEX Zone 1, 2, 21, or 22 available


• UL
• CE


• Protection Type: IP54 standard (IP65 optional)
• Operating Temperature: -20 … 40° C
• Maximum altitude: 1000m with possible derate above


A variety of different winding configurations are available for different voltage and frequency requirements.

Optional IP65 designs can be supplied for protection

All KEB spring-set brake options are offered including quiet brake design, manual hand release, microswitch, adjustable torque ring

For the encoder standard formats offered include Incremental (TTL and HTL), BiSS and Sin/Cos

IEC B5 and B14 flanged motors are also available up to IEC size 225 (60Hp)

Optional IP65 versions using KEB’s Type 28 spring-set brake are also available for washdown applications.

NEMA C-Face flanges are available through 215TC (7.5Hp).

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