Product Details

The COMBIBOX clutch-brake unit is available in several different configurations.

Type 10 includes an electromagnetic clutch and brake that can be used for indexing and cycling applications. The Type 09 is a Clutch only and can be easily added to an existing motor.

The COMBIBOX clutch-brake unit features a unique design where the air gap can be reset multiple times. This increases the operating lifetime of the unit 3x.

KEB brake coils can be wound for whatever the application requires.

12, 24, 48, 105, and 205VDC coils are standard and cover most battery-powered and industrial applications.


Tech Specs


• DC Coil Voltage: 12, 24, 48, 105 Standard (Custom upon request)


• Type: Electromagnetic clutch and brake
• Metric and English dimensions
• Torque Range: 5 … 370 lb-ft
• FDA approved epoxy paint (option)


• Environmental Rating: Washdown and/or oiltight (option)


Food Grade paint and Oil
IP65 (sealed)

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