Product Details

One KEB EtherCAT temperature module supports many different sensor types including Thermocouples, PT and Ni probes.

Tech Specs


Analog inputs: 4 or 8
Resolution: 16 Bit
Conversion time: 50ms (adjustable)
E-Bus load: 170 mA

Sensor type: J,K, mV (internal)
Cold point compensation: yes
Measuring range: Typ K -200 °C…+1372 °C
Measuring range: Typ J -50 °C…+760 °C
Measuring range: mV -40 … +65 mV
Pt100 / Ni100
Measuring range: Pt -75 °C…+670 °C
Measuring range: Ni -60 °C…+250 °C
Input resistance:70…320 Ω
Measuring current:1 mA (typical)
Pt1000 / Ni1000
Measuring range: Pt -75 °C…+670 °C
Measuring range: Ni -60 °C…+250 °C
Input resistance: 700…3200 Ω
Measuring current: 0.1 mA (typical)


• DIN Rail Mount (35mm)
• 25x120x90 mm (W x H x D)


• Operating temperature: 0 … +55 °C
• Storage temperature: -25 … +70 °C
• Relative humidity: 5 … 95 %, without condensation
• IP20

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