Product Details

The F6-K is configured for EtherCAT communication as standard. A 125μS scan time makes the F6-K ideal for high-performance applications requiring real-time performance. A VARAN communication option is also available.

Features include 3 analog inputs which can be used to control advanced processes such as a hydraulic pump servo motor. This allows the user to handle the control within the drive rather than through an external PLC.

Dual-channel SIL3 rated Safe-Torque-Off (STO) input.

The F6-K can run different motor types: Induction motors, AC PM Servo motors, Torque motors, Reluctance motors, Spindle motors, Interior Permanent Magnet Motors, Linear motors, and High Speed motors

Dual-channel universal feedback interface. Supports Resolver, Incremental TTL, BiSS, SSI, SinCos, EnDAT 2.1, EnDAT 2.2, and Hiperface

The F6 is available in 230V and 480V classes – up to 1,200Hp.

Units feature integrated braking transistors and KTY/PTC motor temperature monitoring.

Tech Specs


• Power Range: Up to 1200HP (liquid cooled)
• Input Voltage Class: 230, 480Vac
• Overload (30 seconds): Varies by unit. In general, 150%
• Rated Switching Frequency: 2 – 16kHz, varies by unit
• Maximum Switching Frequency: 16kHz with derate


• Cooling Type: Flat back, Fan, Push Through


• cULus
• CE


• Protection Rating: IP20
• Rated Altitude: 1000m with derate possible


• Motor Types: Induction, PM Servo, Linear, Torque, High Speed
• Motor Control: V/Hz, SMM™, field-orientated with encoder, ASCL™, SCL™
• Control Types: Velocity, Position, Torque, Homing
• Internal Positioning: Yes. 32-bit register


BRAKING Transistor
A braking transistor can be included in the F6-K. This is not an external module but is compactly fit in the F6 drive.

EtherCAT communication is onboard and standard.
A VARAN option is also available.

Universal Feedback Interface

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