Product Details

KEB offers cables for different feedback formats, including Incremental, Resolver, EnDat, Hiperface and BiSS.

KEB encoder cables are robotic grade quality. They have small bend radii and support a long lifetime of bends.

As standard, they are rated for use up to 80 °C.

KEB offers specially designed feedback cables for extra long cable runs – up to 100 meters when used with a KEB VFD.

KEB cables are double shielded. For the best possible noise immunity, KEB cables contain twisted pair wires.

Each twisted pair contains its own shield and all the conductors are surrounded by an additional outer shield.

Tech Specs


• Signal formats available: Incremental, Resolver, Hiperface, BiSS, EnDAT 2.1, EnDAT 2.2
• Length: 1 to 100 meters
• Sheath material: PUR


• Maximum Temperature: 80 °C

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