Product Details

KEB planetary gearheads are compact and ideal for demanding motion control applications

Available in both inline and right angle configurations

Customers can choose their output shaft, lubrication type, clamping system, and input flange.

Applications include revolving tables, robotic- and handling devices, tool changers and linear positioning.

A universal design easy mounting system makes the gearheads suitable for all installation positions.

Life-time lubrication ensures minimal maintenance once the gears are in place.

17 exact ratios are available (from 3:1 to 100:1)

Tech Specs


• Nominal output torque: Up to 210Nm
• Max output torque: Up to 736Nm
• Input speeds: 1100 … 5000 rpm

Tech Specs

• Ratios: 3:1 … 100:1
• Efficiency at full load: 97%
• Operating temperature range: -13 … 194 F
• Standard backlash: <7 … <19, depending on model
• Running noise: 58 … 70 dB


Optional output shaft with feather key or smooth finish

Lifetime lubrication options: standard, food-grade, or low-temperature lubrication

Universal or two-part motor-adapted flange available

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