Product Details

KEB Sine Filters are low-pass filters that filter out the switching frequency from the pulse width modulation (PWM) from the output of an inverter. The filter then provides a sinusoidal motor current.

When a KEB Sine Filter is used, the allowable motor cable length can be up to 500 meters. The sinusoidal output voltages reduce discharge currents driven by pulse frequency.

The sinusoidal voltage between phases reduces motor noise.

Customers can also expect to see a reduction in high-frequency transient emissions and improve the entire EMC load on the equipment.

Tech Specs


• Voltage class: 400V (500V Max)
• Rated current: 1.3-710A
• Max output frequency: options for 100, 200, 800, and 1200/1600 Hz


• Protection type: IP20
• Climate category: 3K3 (in accordance with EN60721-3-3)


• CE
• UL (*Only available on some models. Contact KEB for details.)

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