Medical Equipment Automation

Precision, control and accuracy are critical in the field of medical technology. That is where KEB's brakes and clutches excel. They are ideal for precision applications like surgical robots, beds, booms and imaging machines.

Catalog Product Portfolio

COMBIPERM Permanent Magnet (PM) Brakes

KEB COMBIPERM PM P1 brakes offer zero-backlash power-off braking and excellent torque density. They use permanent neodymium magnets, which give them the best torque-diameter ratio. P1 permanent magnet brakes are designed to operate across a wide temperature range from -15C to 100C.

These high-performance brakes enhance the reliability and precision of medical devices, directly impacting patient safety and the success of medical procedures.


COMBISTOP Spring-Set Brake

KEB COMBISTOP Spring-set brakes are spring-applied and electrically released. They are ideal for critical safety-related applications like robotic arms and vertical axes.

We offer custom designs and value-added features. The dependable engagement of COMBISTOP brakes ensures the highest safety and accuracy standards in medical equipment operations, vital for effective patient care.


COMBINORM Power-on Brake

KEB COMBINORM brakes are electrically engaged and provide an economical brake option. They can be customized to specifications, e.g., voltage, hub bore, configuration, etc. Our COMBINORM brakes' customizable features allow seamless integration into various medical machines, ensuring tailored solutions for complex healthcare needs.

COMBIPERM PM brakes contribute to the sustainable design of medical equipment, reducing energy consumption while maintaining peak performance.


COMBINORM Electromagnetic Clutch

KEB COMBINORM clutches have a no-backlash design. They are ideal for precision applications like surgical robots and imaging machines. KEB clutches adhere to ISO 13485 standards for medical devices, ensuring the components operate safely and effectively in medical settings.

The precision of COMBINORM clutches facilitates enhanced control and responsiveness in medical devices, contributing to improved outcomes in patient care.

KEB’s Medical Technology Solutions

Ideal Medical Applications

Exploring the diverse applications of our products within the medical sector is a key aspect of our mission. Our comprehensive catalog includes a variety of drives, brakes, and motors specifically designed for the unique demands of medical environments, such as operating rooms and diagnostic centers.

Our medical clutches and brakes are not limited to surgical robots; they also play a vital role in operating room booms, hospital beds, tables, and imaging machines. These applications highlight the adaptability and reliability of our medical products within the medical device industry, ensuring operational excellence and productivity quality.

As innovators in automated solutions, we continuously strive to meet the complex needs of the medical sector, providing equipment that guarantees precision, control, and safety. Our products are engineered to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of medical procedures, reflecting our commitment to advancing healthcare technology.

For a deeper understanding of our specialized applications in the medical field, we invite you to revisit the product sections above. Each section includes detailed information and video demonstrations showcasing our products' functionality and benefits. These resources are designed to give you a clear view of how you may integrate our solutions into your medical applications.

Our expert sales engineers are also available to discuss how KEB’s solutions can address the specific requirements of your medical applications, ensuring you receive the best support for your needs.

Future Outlook in Medical Equipment Automation

As we look forward, KEB America remains dedicated to advancing the field of medical equipment automation with a steadfast focus on innovation, quality, and adaptability. Our ongoing mission is to develop solutions that surpass the stringent requirements of the medical technology sector, ensuring our products provide exceptional performance and reliability.

We are committed to enhancing the capabilities of medical devices through sophisticated automation technology.

Our vision includes:

*The integration of advanced diagnostics.
*Increased automation for precision and efficiency.
*The continuous improvement of our product range to address the unique demands of medical environments.

Our customers can expect a consistent trajectory of innovative, reliable, and high-quality solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible in medical equipment automation. These developments will further revolutionize patient care, streamline medical procedures, and set new standards in the medical device industry.

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At KEB America, we are committed to driving innovation in the medical equipment automation industry with our advanced clutches and brakes designed for surgical robots, beds, booms, and imaging machines.

Our dedicated team of experts is at the forefront of developing and supporting technology that enhances patient care and medical efficiency.

Contact our sales engineers today to explore how our tailored solutions can benefit your medical applications and discuss your specific requirements. We are ready to partner with you to advance healthcare technology and achieve exceptional medical outcomes.

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