Material Handling Automation

When it comes to powering the supply chain, KEB’s material handling portfolio offers the right solution—whether you manufacture, move, store, or ship products. Our powerful drives will help you get there faster.

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Frequency Inverters


KEB drives are the perfect choice when moving your payload from A to B. Flexibility and performance are central to KEB's Material Handling offering. Drives have an internal 32-bit motion controller and can control either induction or servo motors. A variety of communication protocols are supported, including EtherNet/IP.

Line Generative Units


The R6 Line Regen is ideal for Cranes, Hoists, and Elevators. Each unit contains integrated DC bus fuses and easy-to-wire DC connection terminals. The KEB R6 drives are compatible with 3rd party drives and are an excellent option for cold storage ASRS machines. 10+ protocols (including EtherNet/IP) are available.

Integral Gearmotors


KEB gearmotors have a compact integral design and use high-efficiency helical and bevel gearing prepared to DIN 3990 specifications. The motor and gearbox are permanently mounted together with the pinion gear mounted on the motor shaft. Either PM servo or Induction motors (IE2 & IE3) are available.



KEB brakes provide fail-safe spring-set power-off brake engagement. The electromagnetic brakes are electrically released. Custom brake designs available for 24VDC rollers up to large ASRS machines. KEB brake coils can be wound for whatever the application requires. Flexible voltages for battery and utility power are available.

Simple, Efficient, and Dependable Material Handling Solutions

For over 40 years, KEB America has led the way in developing automation technology for manufacturing and supply chain operations. Our innovative drives, integral gearmotors, and other material handling solutions streamline the manufacturing and transportation of products, unlocking new efficiency and productivity gains.


KEB Line Regenerative Drives

KEB offers R6 Line Regen units that work in sync with control algorithms and processing hardware to return unused energy back to the grid. These solutions leverage advanced power electronics and Natural Current Modulation (NCM) to lower operating costs and reduce the temperature of the cabinet or control room, reducing or eliminating cooling costs. The R6 regen drive can also replace traditional braking resistors entirely when paired with a VFD in overhauling applications.


Drives for Multi-Axis Control

KEB’s H6 multi-axis drive platform is an ideal solution for material handling applications. This solution supports both single and double-axis outputs, and features a modular design for the addition of control units, power supplies, communication interfaces, and additional safety options to enable functions like Safe-Brake-Control or Safe-Torque-Off. The versatility and performance of the H6 drive make it well suited for supporting the movement of products throughout the supply chain.


KEB Integral Gearmotors

KEB provides high-precision integral gearmotors to support material handling machines of almost any size, including lifts, hoists, cranes, and conveyors. We offer a variety of gearmotor options, including spring-set brakes, low-backlash gearing, and encoders, to make integration with existing installations simple. KEB gearmotors are dependable, flexible, and highly customizable—making them an ideal fit for your unique material handling applications.


The Future in Material Handling Automation

KEB America offers ground-breaking automation technologies, specialized to match your unique material handling application needs. Each of our manufacturing and supply chain products is made in Germany with the highest quality materials—and is fully backed by our experienced team of solutions experts.


We provide consulting, commissioning, and additional support to connect you with the right solution based on your specific production needs. KEB systems for material handling pair exceptional performance and cost-effectiveness with practical implementation, so you can put our technology to work for your supply chain immediately.

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