High Speed Motor Control

With over 500,000 installed spindle drives, KEB has solidified its position as a global leader in high-speed motor control. Our expertise and innovative solutions have made us the preferred choice for numerous CNC, woodworking, and robotic companies.

KEB's commitment to innovation has made us a trusted partner for industries that demand precision and reliability. Our solutions cater to the needs of those seeking high-speed spindle motors for CNC applications, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

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Drive Platforms for Spindle Motor Operation

KEB drives are renowned for their versatility, capable of running induction and permanent magnet spindle motors. Our V/Hz control offers simplicity and ease of commissioning, ensuring seamless integration into various applications.

KEB offers various drive platforms that are suitable for spindle motor operation. Single-phase and three-phase inputs are possible, and our drives control both induction and permanent magnet motor types.

KEB spindle drives, especially the S6 servo drives, feature a 62-microsecond current control loop. These modules can achieve output frequencies up to 1600Hz, ensuring optimal spindle motor performance.

Sensorless Closed Loop™ (SCL) Motor Control

Our proprietary SCL™ technology sets KEB apart in the industry. Open-loop applications can utilize V/Hz control or KEB’s advanced SCL motor control.

This technology allows for exact torque and speed regulation without encoder or resolver feedback.

By leveraging our SCL technology, users can enhance motor shaft performance, reduce motor heating, and achieve a better-finished product, ensuring top-tier application performance.

SCL benefits include:

  • Precision: Achieve precise torque and speed.
  • Efficiency: Operate without the need for encoder or resolver feedback.
  • Performance: Ensure optimal motor shaft performance.
  • Safety: Experience lower motor heating.
  • Quality: Deliver a superior finished product.
  • Closed Loop Drives

    Spindle applications, especially those requiring tool change or orientation functions, can significantly benefit from KEB's closed-loop drives with integrated features. These drives have a Z-pulse input and a 32-bit internal positioning module, ensuring accurate and efficient operation.

    One of the standout features of KEB closed-loop drives is the ease of programming. Our drives simplify the programming process, allowing for seamless integration and operation in various applications — especially in the context of homing routines or tool change processes.

    Furthermore, our drives come with a dual-channel encoder interface, supporting a wide range of feedback formats, and can be easily programmed for tool change and orientation functions, potentially eliminating the need for additional PLCs or controllers.

    EtherNet and EtherCAT

    Flexible Industrial Communication Options

    We understand the importance of seamless communication, and our commitment to flexibility is evident in our support for a wide range of industrial communication protocols.

    Our drives support over ten protocols, including EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Powerlink, and Profinet.

    This extensive compatibility ensures that machine builders can standardize on just one KEB drive platform, regardless of the other platforms they might offer, streamlining integration and maintenance processes.

    While our drives support many communication protocols, we have standardized with EtherCAT for its real-time performance and open technology framework. Our S6 platform, equipped with onboard EtherCAT, offers exceptional scan times, making it ideal for high-performance applications.

    Sine Wave Filters

    KEB designs sine wave filters to optimize motor control, delivering a near-sinusoidal waveform to the PM motor. This precise waveform reduces motor heating and enhances power output, ensuring efficient and optimal performance.

    One of the standout features of our sine wave filters is the range of sizes we offer. KEB provides graduated filter sizes, allowing each application to be finely tuned and optimized. This ensures that users get the best performance tailored to their specific needs.

    Furthermore, our commitment to excellence is evident in our engineering capabilities. KEB engineers can simulate filter performance with an astounding 99% accuracy.

    This precision in simulation translates to significant time savings, eliminating the need for extensive testing and allowing for quicker integration and deployment.

    Functional Safety

    In industrial settings, the margin for error is minimal, especially regarding safety. KEB recognizes the critical nature of safety and has embedded advanced functional safety features into its drives.

    Standard features like Safe-Torque-Off (STO) act as the first line of defense, preventing unintended motor movements.

    For applications demanding even higher safety standards, our Safe Motion functionalities, compliant with ISO 13849 standards, come into play. These features monitor and control motion sequences, ensuring any anomalies are detected and addressed promptly.

    By integrating these safety measures, KEB drives ensure operational efficiency and safeguard equipment and personnel.

    Additional Features and Benefits

    From fractional horsepower to 1000 hp, KEB drives cater to a wide range of power requirements. Our drives are compatible with both single-phase and three-phase inputs and can control both Induction and Permanent magnet motor types.

    With over 10 supported industrial communication protocols, KEB offers unmatched flexibility, allowing businesses to standardize on a single drive platform.

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