Elevators & Escalators

KEB Elevator drives are built to handle the most difficult and demanding elevator and escalator applications. Integrated brake handling and proven motor control provide excellent ride quality. High overloads and protective features provide years of trouble free operation.

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Elevator Drives


KEB has a reputation for excellent drive performance in high power elevator applications. The COMBIVERT F5 drive is the perfect solution for high rise/high speed elevator applications requiring large acceleration currents. Advanced software functionality increases the safety of the elevator system and helps the controller meet local elevator code requirements.

Regerative Drives


Counterweighted traction elevators naturally regenerate energy during operation. KEB's R6 Line Regen unit allows this energy to be returned to the building power instead of being dissipated as wasted heat across a resistor. High speed, high usage elevators are prime candidtates for R6 Regen technology.

Escalator Drives


KEB drives are built for heavy-duty escalators. The drives feature high overloads, an integrated brake transistor, and are capable of 16kHz switching frequency. Even with these capabilities, the drives are compact and perfect for small escalator enclosures.

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