eMobility Solutions

The demand for commercial vehicles and equipment that are operated fully electric or hybrid is steadily increasing. For applications in this market, such as mining and farming equipment, trucks, and school buses, KEB offers a modular and scalable multi-inverter system, specially designed for auxiliary components.

Catalog eMobility T6 Auxiliary Inverter

T6 Auxiliary Inverter

The COMBIVERT T6 is a modular and scalable multi-inverter system, specially designed for auxiliary components in commercial vehicle applications. It can be configured with up to 6 inverter modules, utilizing a mixture of 3 different power module ratings. Multiple integrated units provide significant space, wiring, and cost savings.

All-in-One eMobility Solutions

As a leader in automation and drive technology, KEB offers a range of flexible technologies for commercial eMobility applications, including public transport, agriculture, transport and logistics, municipal vehicles, and more. Our multi-axis auxiliary solutions reduce the number of high-voltage DC cables, low-voltage harnesses, and plumbing for liquid cooling required—enabling more efficient and dependable machine building.

Customers choose KEB for all-in-one electrification technology to power mobile machinery and commercial vehicles. We integrate multiple motor control inverters into one comprehensive system to unlock significant wiring, space, and cost savings.


KEB Auxiliary Inverters

Our high-voltage inverter systems are a perfect solution for electrifying low-power auxiliaries and commercial electric vehicles. Typical applications for KEB T6 inverters include compressors and pumps for both chassis and body equipment. These versatile systems can be scaled with one to six independent motor control outputs, giving eMobility machine builders maximum flexibility and control.

KEB T6 inverters also support all AC motor types for sensorless control, including induction, permanent magnet, and switch reluctance. This approach allows eMobility machine builders to eliminate encoder and feedback cables to reduce costs and potential points of failure while optimizing motor control performance.

The Future in Commercial eMobility Technology

KEB leads the way in automation and drive technology for eMobility applications. Our multi-axis EV auxiliary inverter solution provides a flexible platform for a wide range of vehicle types and configurations. KEB technology is highly scalable, easy to set up, and unlocks more efficient operation across eMobility vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and operator safety.

KEB also offers a free and intuitive programming environment for our auxiliary inverters called Combivis. This state-of-the-art program features simple wizards and instructions to help you set up your inverter solution—as well as CAN J1939 communications. Count on KEB for peak efficiency, reliability, and technical support across your unique eMobility application.

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