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KEB offers a full theatre and live automation portfolio ranging from hoist brakes to HMI touchscreen displays. KEB products allow the design of precise stage machinery that is repeatable and reliable, show after show. Many professionals have used our products on various designs across a wide range of applications.

Catalog Theatre Automation
Quiet Brakes

COMBISTOP Spring-set Brake

Brakes can be noisy. Especially large brakes. KEB’s theatre brakes are specially designed for reduced noise – rated for < 65dB @ 1 meter. KEB theater brakes are spring-set designed and engage without power. KEB brakes are offered with ratings up to 2700Nm.


Scalable EtherCAT Controls

KEB offers a family of EtherCAT controls that are suitable for a single hoist or an entire line of synchronized hoists. Discrete wiring is replaced by networked control which reduces commissioning times and increases diagnostics. Safety is paramount and KEB's Safety PLC and IO are certified to SIL3 by TUV.

We’ve recently expanded our line to include more embedded EtherCAT controls, ensuring precise, safer, easier, and more reliable synchronization.

Our larger library of remote EtherCAT I/O modules exemplifies our commitment to flexibility and enhanced communication options, complementing powerful visualization tools like the HMI LC and the versatile C6 Industrial VPN Router.

Every control product, made of robust, industrial materials, promises exceptional performance night after night, show after show.


Quality and Performance

KEB gearmotors move turntables, lifts, winches, and hoists. They are offered in either right-angle or inline configurations. Our brake technology stands out, and we offer noise-reduced versions. Single-disc spring-set brakes come in a quiet theatre version that operates at less than 65dB at 1 meter.

These brakes can be used on KEB integral gearmotors with cast iron housing to reduce vibration and noise. We also offer compact servo motors for working in tight spaces and a range of rectifiers to increase the flexibility of electromagnetic clutches and brakes.

Set the Stage for Artistic Innovation

Technical innovation and motion control are changing the creative landscape for stage production. Theatres use VFDs (variable frequency drives), HMI displays, and high-efficiency gearmotors to create more complex, dynamic moving sets. This technology offers completely new storytelling tools for productions, enhancing their mood, style, and emotional impact.

KEB leads the way in automation and control for theater and stage equipment. We bring precise, repeatable solutions to ensure your production excels and delights, show after show.


HMIs & Panel IPCs

Industrial grade HMIs and Panel IPCs are built to endure in even the most demanding stage environments. These tools provide versatile touch technology screens for theatre productions, both on-stage and behind the scenes. KEB HMIs have beautiful displays available in a range of sizes and formats to meet the unique needs of your production.


Stage Brakes & Spring-Set Brakes

KEB offers high-quality stage brakes capable of dynamic and holding applications. Our spring-set brakes have multiple springs rated for 10+ million cycles and are designed for tough stage applications. KEB stage brakes come in different versions to accommodate diverse applications, including static (holding), emergency stops, and even regular brake engagements at high speeds.


Electrical & Control

KEB’s F5 inverters and S6 servo drives are ideal for high-performance theatre applications, including coordinated positioning of hoists, turntables, winches, lifts, and more. These electrical solutions integrate with our scalable EtherCAT controls to ensure safe, dependable performance for theater and stage equipment.

Furthermore, KEB’s F6 VFD and S6 servo drives are powerful, flexible, and can be configured to fit many installations. An internal positioning module allows for easy coordinated positioning, such as having a master control provide a set position to the drive communication bus. In contrast, the drive handles the position profile.

Dual encoder channels can be configured as inputs or outputs, making implementing speed and motor feedback effortless. Both lines of inverters can operate at a nearly silent 16kHz switching frequency, exemplifying our dedication to blending technology and art seamlessly on the theater stage.


Commitment to Innovation

Our pledge to revolutionize the theatre experience is unwavering. The infusion of our latest technological advancements manifests our devotion to setting new standards in theatre production.

Every product is a testament to KEB’s unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and the art of theatre. Step into a world where technological brilliance meets artistic excellence, ensuring every performance is a masterpiece.


Spotlight on Excellence

We are thrilled to announce that renowned theatre directors and stage managers have endorsed KEB’s innovative theatre and stage automation solutions. Integrating our state-of-the-art technology has transformed stages into mesmerizing landscapes where artistry and innovation converge.

Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of creative expression continues to garner acclaim within the industry.


Redefine Performance with KEB Automation

KEB has supported the theatre and stage industry with automation and control offerings for over 40 years. From spring-set brakes to gearmotors for deck winches, turntables, and line shaft hoists, we have excellent products to help take your stage productions to new heights. Unlock the next level of performance with smart, scalable automation technology, purpose-built for your theater and stage equipment.

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