Metalworking Machinery

KEB offers scalable control technology suitable for all types of metalworking machinery, presses, machine control, and robotics. Embedded and Intel-based Industrial PCs are EtherCAT masters and provide real-time motion control. KEB's full functional safety offering protects users from machines.

Catalog CNC Automation


Engineering metalwork machines that are reliable, efficient, and scalable require powerful software tools. COMBIVIS Studio 6 guides the machine designer through the engineering process. From initial concepts to maintenance, COMBIVIS Studio 6 increases engineering productivity and shortens development time.

Servo Control

Precise Motion Control

Rest assured that KEB has the servo solution for your machine. Low and medium inertia motors can be matched with KEB planetary gearheads. KEB drives control servo motors up to 1000 Hp.



Manufacturing environments are constantly changing, and for that reason industrial metalworking and forming machines must be usable by different operators. High quality HMIs with high functionality and durability is necessary to maximize productivity.

Remote Access

C6 Industrial VPN Router

Reduce field visits and travel costs with KEB’s VPN Router. The C6 Router provides secure remote access for any brand of PLC in the field. An optional HMI runtime allows for data logging, trending, and remote alarm management.



COMBIVIS Studio HMI is used for designing HMI screens. KEB has the philosophy that the HMI interface should be designed for flexibility, scalability, and connectivity. Studio HMI has a number of features that will benefit machine builders looking to export machinery across the globe.

Complete Solutions for Metalworking Machinery

From cloud and remote access tools to panels, drives, and motors, KEB brings a complete spectrum of control and automation technologies to help you build better machines for many types of metalworking.


Control Technologies

KEB has adaptable control tools designed for metalworking machinery, including industrial PCs. These PCs are well suited for metal grinding and finishing machinery, providing real-time motion control to maximize system performance. Slim versions are also available for installations with limited space.

Our C6 HMIs are tailor-built for metalworking applications, with over 40 communication drivers and a durable resistive touchscreen designed to excel in harsh production environments. KEB’s C6 VPN router unlocks even more flexibility through secure remote access, acting as a service and support tool for metalworking machinery.


Programming & Drives

As a leader in control and automation technology, KEB offers powerful drives capable of running a selection of motor types for metalworking machinery. KEB’s programming software includes a dedicated CNC kernel and CNC HMI for optimal positioning and speed control. This software package can also be integrated with KEB motors, drives, and HMI to further improve control and streamline installation.


Rethink Automation with KEB CNC Solutions

KEB offers a range of innovative hardware and software components purpose-built for your unique metalworking application. Our CNC automation solutions include versatile controls, drives, and motor tools for metalworking machinery to help you reach new heights in efficiency, safety, and part quality.


Scalable Programming for Metalworking Machinery

For customers seeking an entry-level CNC solution, KEB provides a basic platform with an integrated KEB CNC kernel. This economical software package can be integrated with user-friendly HMI for excellent visualization and includes a full library based on IEC standard. Our entry-level solution can be further extended by machine-specific features and functions to support most types of metalworking.

For applications with more demanding requirements, KEB offers a high-end CNC automation solution, built to integrate with ISG’s CNC kernel. This technology supports features for CNC, robotics, and motion control, providing an exceptional path and speed planning. Users have the freedom to add extensions or make individual adjustments to drive system flexibility, efficiency, and throughput.

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