Energy Recovery

KEB’s technology expertise enabled the creation of Energy Recovery Systems (ERS). These are electronic systems that control turbomachinery and convert energy from sources like geothermal, air separation, or waste heat recovery. The recovered energy is converted to electrical power that can be used by the building facility or put back onto the mains.

Catalog Drive Panel Solutions

High Speed Drives

KEB has earned a reputation for controlling high speed motors and generators - the exact technology used in turbomachinery. Innovative power technology is offered across a full power range. Of course, all drives carry the necessary agency approvals like UL.

Motor Control

Sensorless Closed Loop™ (SCL) Technology

KEB’s SCL algorithm provides better speed and torque regulation than commonly used V/Hz control. Another advantage is that SCL does not require encoder feedback – this is difficult to achieve at high speeds.

System Solutions

Engineered to the Max

KEB can provide a turn-key panelized Energy Conversion system. The panel includes everything needed to control the genset including the drive, filtering, HMI, controls, AFE, and grid relay.

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