KEB has a full product portfolio for packaging machines. KEB EtherCAT controls and servo drives provide coordinated motion. Flexible communication options allow products to be integrated easily with other systems.

Catalog Packaging Automation

Machine & Motion Control

KEB's scalable EtherCAT controls provide a powerful motion control platform for machines. The HMIs support over 40 communication drivers, including EtherNet/IP, and can be integrated easily with other machines.

Servo Drives

Dynamic Motion Control

KEB has the right technology for each machine. Whether it is a DIN rail mount stepper drive or a large H6 Multiaxis drive for a palletizer. KEB 6th generation drives support EtherNet/IP, ProfiNet, EtherCAT, and Powerlink - all from one hardware platform.


Powerful Machine Graphics

KEB HMIs empower packaging users. The 40+ communication drivers mean they can pair with nearly every PLC. Datalogging, Alarm Handling, Trending, and Secure Remote Access are built-in. Advanced features like OPC UA and PackML make integration easy.

Precise, Repeatable, and Reliable Packaging Machinery

KEB delivers a full range of automation products, including brakes, HMI touchscreen displays, and functional safety (FS) drives. As your complete automation solution provider, we can help you design fast, precise packaging machinery to drive productivity. Our flexible solutions can be used across almost any step in the packaging line, from tracking, sorting, and forming to conveying and converting:


FSoE Safety Master

KEB’s FSoE Safety PLC is a versatile, SIL3/PLe-certified safety control. This scalable solution supports up to 65,535 addressable slaves per master—and houses the main and safe control on the same bus. The FSoE is TÜV Rheinland approved and sets a new standard of quality for Safety PLC technology.


Functional Safety (FS) Drives 

KEB offers a diverse catalog of FS drives for packaging machinery, a scalable safety concept to enhance productivity and unlock new cost-saving opportunities. Our innovative drive-based safety technology allows for less wiring, faster power cycles, and optimal response times by allowing offload safety handling from the safety PLC to individual drives.


Power-On Friction Clutch

KEB power-on friction clutches set a new standard for packaging efficiency and performance. These innovative electromechanical clutches are designed to work with numerous types of applications—with options for horizontal or vertical mounting, enclosed clutch/brake options, and tooth clutches for 3x torque.


Spring-Applied Brakes

KEB’s DC brakes feature an encapsulated DC coil and redundant spring design to support even the most demanding applications. These solutions enable dynamic, holding, and e-stop braking, making them well-suited for even the most demanding packaging machine workflows.



The Future in Packaging Automation Technology

KEB is a global leader in automation and drive technology for packaging applications. Our technologies are efficient, robust, and designed with flexibility in mind—making them compatible with a variety of packaging machinery.


Automated packaging machinery powered by KEB products delivers unmatched efficiency, performance, and reliability. Our automation technologies are custom-built to meet the demands of packaging machinery, ranging from primary and secondary to end-of-line solutions, while bolstering operator productivity and safety.

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