Servo Motors

KEB America is proud to offer a comprehensive range of servo motors designed to meet the diverse needs of industrial automation. Our servo motors are engineered for precision, offering exact movement, speed, and torque control, making them ideal for various applications across various industries.

Why Choose KEB America Servo Motors?

Precision Control: Our servo motors are designed for applications that demand precise control over movement, speed, and torque. They ensure optimal performance in tasks that require exact positioning and smooth operation.
    High Torque Density: Our motors use advanced neodymium permanent magnets to achieve exceptional torque. This allows for powerful performance in a compact design, making them suitable for various demanding applications where space and efficiency are critical.
Flexibility and Durability: With features like rotatable connectors, our servo motors offer unparalleled installation flexibility, making them easy to integrate into various setups. Special IP and paint protection options also ensure durability in challenging environments, including outdoor and washdown applications.
    Wide Application Range: Our servo motors are versatile enough for many industries, including textiles, metallurgy, plastics, and woodworking. Their robust design and precise control make them ideal for applications ranging from simple positioning tasks to complex automated processes.
    View our products below for detailed specifications and to explore how our servo motors can enhance your industrial automation applications.